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Fashionable lighting in 2020. Personalized design trends

01 of July '20

Multifunctional lighting solutions

Trends in interiors, like fashion, sometimes pass more quickly, and sometimes stay with us for longer. A similar principle also applies to lighting. Here, however, regardless of fashion, it is worth betting on the usefulness of the solution. The Polish brand AQForm proves that functionality in duet with interesting design works great! The combination of glass and technology is one of the examples of trends that will make a big splash in our interiors.

Marriage of technology and design

More and more often in our interiors we rely on functional or even multifunctional solutions. This is also possible in the case of lighting. In times of advanced LED technology and intelligent control systems or complex optical systems, the most important thing is a balanced combination of form and technology in such a way that they complement each other. Fortunately, gone are the days of having to choose "either-or."

Udane połączenie
technologii i wornictwa w oświetleniu – nowa generacja opraw PET © AQForm

A successful combination of technology and workability in lighting - a new generation of PET luminaires

© AQForm

An example of the successful duo of technology and design is the new generation of PET luminaires, in which the decorative ring plays a dual role: it enlarges the angle of protection and at the same time allows you to play with the product's finish.


We are increasingly opting for personalization options and unique solutions. Tailored products allow us to emphasize more clearly the style of the interior or the character of the occupants. AQForm's very wide offer makes it easy to select the parameters of the lamps perfectly to meet the needs of the project - you can choose from over 700 products (from which you can create even more combinations!). What's more, the color palette does not end with the catalog.


A new generation of PET luminaires - personalization of finishes

© AQForm

Starting in 2020, we offer as standard a white and black structured finish, which is characterized by higher resistance to damage and dirt. In addition, on request, our fixtures can be painted in any RAL or NCS color! - says Barbara Olesiak, marketing manager of AQForm.

Design and cooperation with designers

It doesn't matter how technologically advanced a luminaire would be - the design also matters. We like pretty objects that add charm to our interiors, and lighting is often also treated as a decorative element. Therefore, more and more often you can meet with lighting products that are the result of cooperation between the manufacturer and the design office. Examples are the realizations of the Polish lighting manufacturer AQForm and the Czech design office DECHEM.

Motyw kuli — lampa
MODERN BALL powstała we współpracy AQForm z biurem projektowym DECHEM Motyw
kuli — lampa MODERN BALL powstała we współpracy AQForm z biurem projektowym DECHEM

The motif of a sphere - the MODERN BALL lamp was created in cooperation between AQForm and the DECHEM design office.

© AQForm

The first result of the cooperation was the MODERN GLASS collection combining glass with technology. This year, the popular motif of a sphere in the interior, did not escape the designers. The result of another cooperation between a Polish manufacturer and the DECHEM office is a collection using the fashionable sphere motif: MODERN BALL. Like MODERN GLASS, the MODERN BALL series is a combination of technology and glass form.

Automation - lighting control

All solutions that allow light control are also gaining in popularity. In the simplest variant, it is the ability to adjust the intensity of lighting from twilight to full brightness. More complex systems allow you to program, for example, sequences of light scenes tailored to the daily rhythm of the household members or the intensity of traffic in the cafe.

Automatyzacja —
regulacja natężenia i barwy światła © AQForm

Automation - regulating light intensity and color

© AQForm

This is not only convenient, but also an economical and ecological solution: control combined with presence sensors allows to reduce energy consumption from a dozen to even several dozen percent.

New AQForm catalog

Katalog AQForm Katalog AQForm

It's 434 pages full of inspiration. The brand has significantly expanded its portfolio this year. It has added as many as 19 completely new products and expanded existing lines. Each of the products featured in the catalog is a combination of technology, functionality and design.

For more information, visit the company's AQForm Lighting Solutions page on the A&B portal.

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