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Minimalist single-family home from 081 Architects

30 of June '20

The CHO house designed by architects from Lublin-based 081 Architects is characterized by balanced simplicity. Although the elongated, horizontal body of the house from the side of the street seems to be an inaccessible monolithic wall, from the side of the garden it creates intimate minimalist spaces reserved only for the householders.

horyzontalna bryła domu od strony ulicy

elongated, horizontal body of the house from the street side

© 081 Architects

Designed by 081 Archite cts, the single-story single-family house consists of two cuboid blocks arranged in an L-shape. The individual parts form day and night zones. This layout allowed to design a sheltered courtyard, which gives residents a sense of intimacy. The implementation of indentations in a unified body made it possible to avoid glazing on the side of neighboring houses and to create for individual rooms views of private, smaller gardens.

bryła domu od strony

body of the house from the garden side

© 081 Architects

On the facade, the architects used two materials - plank, which will lose its original color over time under the influence of the weather, and concrete with an imprinted formwork pattern. The materials not only complement each other, but also highlight the division of solids. Glazing on the garden side makes it possible to blur the boundaries between what is inside and what is outside.

przeszklenie od strony ogrodu umożliwia zatarcie granic między tym, co wewnątrz, a tym, co na zewnątrz wykonanie wcięć w bryle umożliwiło stworzenie dla poszczególnych pomieszczeń widoków na prywatne, mniejsze ogrody

© 081 Architects

Ola Kloc
: What was the priority for the investors?

081 Architects: Separating the day zone from the night zone, increasing intimacy, cutting off from the access road and thus creating a cool garden space invisible from the street and to the neighbors.

Ola: What was the biggest challenge in this project?

081 Architects: I guess there hasn't been such a challenge yet, because already after the first presentation the investors liked the concept, and structurally and technologically it is a very simple building :)

Ola: The facade is made of boards and concrete, what made you decide to choose such materials?

081 Architects: The neighborhood is mostly built up with catalog houses and we wanted to get away from imitation materials. In addition, the builders themselves were very keen to have such materials that were honest, natural and characteristic of the construction. For us, this was great news, because not many choose such a combination :)

Ola: Thank you for the interview!

Ola Kloc

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