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Platform made of plastic bottles according to the design of architects from BJK Architekci studio

30 of June '20

In an international ecological design competition organized by Switch Competitions - Tomb of Waste [info], a team of architects from BJK Architects of Gdynia received an honorable mention - Editors Choice.

The competition task was to create an architectural installation drawing attention to the plastic that litters the environment. The designs were to highlight the negative impact of plastic waste on the planet, attract public attention and encourage creative use of used plastic. The goal of the competition was to create a symbolic object - an icon of recycling and sustainability.

The team, consisting of Tomasz Janiszewski, Kamil Danielewicz, Lena Janiszewska and Mariusz Budźko, in their concept sought a solution for a walkway near the Orlowo cliff that would allow walkers to avoid crossing the forest. At this point, the beach has begun to disappear and now, for safety reasons, it is better to take a different route.

klif orłowski proponowana konstrukcja

© BJK Architects

This inspired the designers to create a footbridge built, according to the competition, out of plastic. The structure, made of plastic bottles arranged horizontally in the middle section and vertically on the sides of the platform, runs along the beach and floats above the water. The path hails changes its color - above the water it is yellow, and above the ground it is green.


© BJK Architects

The concept, as the authors of the project emphasize, is to raise awareness of the presence of plastic waste in the surrounding environment, but also to encourage its reuse as a building material.

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