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Companies increasingly unite to create friendly workplaces

31 of August '22

An office is often our second home. Therefore, the trend to make it as friendly as possible as a place to work, but also to relax during breaks, is a priority for many companies. A modern space promotes creativity, builds commitment and cares for the well-being of employees. An approach combining an atmosphere of integration with concern for the environment is gaining in popularity - companies are striving to minimize the negative impact of buildings on the environment, while acting together.

A good example of such cooperation is, among others, the joining of forces of ISS, a leader in facility management, and Ecophon, which takes care of proper room acoustics. ISS is a leading company in creating friendly workplaces and comprehensive services in the area of facility management. Globally, the company has nearly 350,000 employees who care for properties and their users every day. Ecophon, on the other hand, develops, manufactures and sells acoustic products and systems that contribute to the creation of good environments for working, learning, recuperation, as well as entertainment.

system akustyczny Ecophon Master Eg

ISS Hub office, Ecophon Gedina E acoustic system

© Ecophon

Modern office in Warsaw at the Norblin Factory

The partnership began when ISS began work on the design, its second global headquarters after Copenhagen, ISS Hub in Warsaw. The designed office was to reflect the company's profile, as well as be functional, modern, and provide comfort for every employee.

ISS employees understand the importance of well-being in the workplace. They take care of it every day as part of providing services to customers. That's why we also wanted our office to be exceptionally comfortable, foster creativity and provide discretion," says Jan Pawlik, Workplace Management Director at ISS.

One of the most prestigious places on the map of Warsaw - the Norblin Factory, which is a well-known business and cultural center - was chosen as the office location. The area, which years ago was a neglected pearl of post-industrial architecture, has been transformed into a new part of the city with offices, stores, restaurants, cafes, a Food Town, an organic bazaar, a boutique cinema and a museum. The office's location is an additional huge advantage, as it can be reached by almost any means of public transportation - from bicycle to streetcar to bus and subway.

system akustyczny Ecophon Master Eg

ISS Hub office, Ecophon Master Eg acoustic system and Akusto Wall panels

© Ecophon

Employees appreciate the amenities available at the complex. Stores, service outlets, restaurants, cafes and a fitness club are available at their fingertips. The cultural offer is also worth mentioning; in addition to a cinema or art gallery, the complex houses two museums. Norblin's factory is a museum in its own right, and Apple Museum Poland has also recently opened on site. - Jan Pawlik adds.

In the center of Warsaw, but with the comfort of silence

In such a busy place as the Norblin Factory, the bustle of the city is constantly heard. It was clear from the start that it was necessary to ensure good soundproofing in the ISS offices.

We proposed a ceiling system that works best in this type of space. After a brief conversation with architect and project leader Jan Pawlik, I suggested the Ecophon Master Eg system because of its interesting design and design possibilities. I also knew how important acoustic comfort is for employees, and this system is second to none," says Dominik Pietrzak, Senior Sales Manager at Ecophon, who coordinated the collaboration with ISS from the beginning.

system akustyczny Ecophon Master Eg

ISS Hub office, Ecophon Master Eg acoustic system

© Ecophon

We carefully selected products to arrange our office. As in any office, including ISS, employees talk, meet in groups, and carry out projects that require work to be done in collaboration. We considered many options, but Ecophon systems convinced us with their functionality, design possibilities and acoustic properties. - Jan Pawlik of ISS adds.

A large office with good acoustics is possible

Most of ISS Hub's rooms feature the Ecophon Master Eg acoustic system, which creates an interesting perspective of a floating ceiling thanks to its black edges and hidden design. The system has excellent sound-absorbing properties, ensuring acoustic comfort for users. The conference rooms have additionally been equipped with sound-absorbing Ecophon Akusto Wall panels, which absorb horizontal reflections of sound waves ensuring good readability of words. In the social area, acoustics were taken care of by using free-hanging round Ecophon Solo panels. Thanks to this solution, it was possible to keep the ceiling installations "on top" without the risk of echoes carrying through the room. This is particularly important given that the space is used, among other things, for workshops and other meetings involving dozens of people.

system akustyczny Ecophon Master Eg

ISS Hub office, free-hanging circular Ecophon Solo panels

© Ecophon

The implemented Ecophon products perfectly fit into the modern design of ISS Hub. At the same time, they made it possible to ensure good speech intelligibility in the conference rooms, as well as to ensure discretion and freedom of work in the open space of the office (so-called open space). ISS employees appreciate and praise the comfort in their workplace. - Jan Pawlik emphasizes.

For more information, visit the company's ECOPHON, SAINT-GOBAIN page on the A&B portal.

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