Garage doors

04 of September '21

WIŚNIOWSKI garage doors

WIŚNIOWSKI garage doors combine high quality modern products with a wide range of models, designs and colors. They are designed for use in private buildings and business premises.

The collection includes:

Prime gate - an automatic sectional gate refined in every detail - a combination of world-class design and modern technology. Its leaf is formed by an original INNOVO panel 60 mm thick, filled with polyurethane foam, which provides unrivaled thermal insulation, desirable especially in energy-efficient and passive construction. A well-thought-out sealing system prevents heat loss at sensitive installation points. This model is equipped with automation from the respected company SOMFY. The modern design of the PRIME gate makes it perfectly suited to contemporary construction, and the wide range of colors allows it to perfectly match the surroundings and facade of the building.

UniTherm gate - The UniTherm gate was developed in response to the needs of energy-efficient construction. It takes full advantage of the thermal properties of the 60 mm thick INNOVO panel and the sealing systems used in it. This means more energy saved in the house, as heat loss has been eliminated in the most sensitive areas of the gate leaf. The heat transfer coefficient of the panel is 0.37 W/m2K, which translates into excellent thermal insulation of the entire gate with a heat coefficient of 0.79 W/m2K.

UniPro gate - UniPro is the most comfortable solution for the garage. WIŚNIOWSKI brand garage doors are warm doors, and the U-value they achieve is comparable to that of multi-chamber windows used in energy-efficient construction. Such a low value was obtained thanks to panels filled with polyurethane foam and sealing systems.Sound attenuation coefficient: Rc=23 dB.

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