KROMATIKA hexagonal porcelain stoneware tiles. Small tiles, big design

26 of May '20
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KROMATIKA hexagonal porcelain stoneware tiles by EQUIPE Ceramicas
Inspirations from the series "Floors, terraces - 2020 trends".

EQUIPE Ceramicas has been producing small-format ceramic tiles for more than 20 years, which constantly surprise with their shapes, richness of colors and variety. The motto "Small tiles, big design" perfectly captures the essence of the vision guiding EQUIPE Ceramicas. The passion for creating beautiful and unique ceramic tiles has enabled the brand to become a world leader in the production of small-format ceramic tiles.

EQUIPE Kromatika Blue Clair 11,6×10,1 cm © EQUIPE Ceramicas EQUIPE Kromatika Black 11,6×10,1 cm © EQUIPE Ceramicas

EQUIPE Kromatika (11.6×10.1 cm) in Blue Clair and Black colors.

© EQUIPE Ceramicas

Chromatic Vertigo - 12 colors of KROMATIKA tiles.

EQUIPE Ceramicas' latest creation is the KROMATIKA collection, which consists of hexagon-shaped stoneware tiles measuring 11.6×10.1 cm. The KROMATIKA collection comes in as many as 12 colors, including, of course, this season's trendiest color according to Pantone, blue. Such a rich color palette is a rarity for gres tiles.

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