VENUS porcelain stoneware tile collection. Geometric transformations

26 of May '20
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VENUS tile collection by REALONDA Ceramica
Inspirations from the series "Floors, terraces - trends 2020".

Everyone is looking for a bit of extravagance and original ideas for their flooring. A Spanish manufacturer of high-quality ceramic tiles - REALONDA Ceramica- is an inspiration and a help in achieving such an effect. The brand's offer includes unique formats, such as 70×40 cm stoneware rhombuses. You can also find a staggering number of hexagonal tiles, available in a rich color palette and a variety of patterns, which are held in enduring esteem.

REALONDA Venus Black & White 28,5×33 cm © REALONDA Ceramica

REALONDA Venus (28.5×33 cm) Black & White

© REALONDA Ceramica

The VENUS collection

turned out to be the biggest bestseller of the REALONDA Ceramica brand for this year. Presented during CEVISAMA, the 28.5×33 cm tile has gained a huge fan base since the day of its launch. Its seemingly simple graphic design allows for unique surface patterns, thanks to the many possibilities of arrangement, thus creating original interiors.

REALONDA Venus Aqua 28,5×33 cm © REALONDA Ceramica REALONDA Venus Black 28,5×33 cm © REALONDA Ceramica

REALONDA Venus (28.5×33 cm) in Aqua and Black colors.

© REALONDA Ceramica

Wide color palette of VENUS tiles

Thebiggest advantage of the VENUS collection is the palette of available colors. For those looking for a bit of craziness in graphics, but in calm colors, there are white, black and gray colors available. There is also a delicate Aqua color to choose from, however, the most interesting color of the collection, is Indigo. The blue color, fashionable this season, immediately attracts attention and accentuates the geometric designs of the collection.

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