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History expressed in modern design

04 of April '21

More than 30 thousandsquare meters of Dasag brand precast and concrete products have recently adorned Swinoujscie. The Historic Promenade is another part of the city that joins the group of facilities revitalized with products manufactured in Zagan. To date, the brand's materials have been used to renovate such places as Liberty Square and the Health Promenade, among others. However, it's not only urban functional areas where one can see the use of concrete and stone products from Dasag. They also decorate the terraces and balconies of the Radisson and Hilton hotels.

Photo: © Dasag

It is not difficult to come up with common associations with Swinoujscie. The term "land of 44 islands" is one of the first that comes to mind. In addition to the beautiful coastal views, Swinoujscie can boast one more landmark - the promenade. The pre-war boulevard, so popular with tourists, has been restored after many years of waiting for renovation.

A high bar that was met by custom tiles

The Promenade is not only a distinctive place on the map of Swinoujscie. This historic part of the city has been included in the provincial register of historical monuments and this, as the expert points out, greatly influenced the approach to the investment. Taking into account the assumptions of the project and the specific nature of the place, the investor relied on terrazzo and "tailor-made" solutions, made on special order, comments Andrzej Chłopek, Dasag brand expert. During the construction of the Historic Promenade in Swinoujscie, almost 14 thousand square meters of Dasag paving slabs in 60×60×8 cm and 60×30×8 cm formats in fashionable shades of white, graphite and brown were used, which was created especially for this unusual seaside project, adds Andrzej Chłopek.

Photo: © Dasag

Innovative paving slabs - tradition in a modern edition

Contrary to appearances, the revitalization did not include only refreshing the appearance of the promenade. The rendering of its historical character in the form of a modern design went hand in hand with functionality to meet urban needs. Therefore, in addition to providing high aesthetic value, Dasag ecological paving slabs also take part in reducing urban heat islands. This is possible because the product used in the investment is characterized by high SRI solar reflectance and low absorption of thermal radiation. In this way, the company has ensured that the historic landmark of Swinoujscie goes with the times and practically contributes to the fight against global warming.

Dasag's fine concrete complements the service development

The boulevard is not the only place where Dasag products have found their application. In the case of an investment in the form of a service development, it was decided to use panels made of noble concrete. Accordingly, guests of the exclusive Radisson and Hilton hotels can enjoy terraces that have been paved with Promenada Prato stone slabs. They, too, are characterized by high SRI solar reflectance. Once you leave the hotel grounds, too, you'll notice the non-slip, sand-based materials from Dasag. These are what the sidewalks and exterior stair facings are made of.

Photo: © Dasag

In Swinoujscie , Dasag brand concrete slabs, terraces and landscaping elements decorate some of the most prominent places on the city map. As these are mainly public and utility spaces, the materials used for their construction must be durable and resistant to increased use. This is all the more important given that this is a small city visited by about 3 million people during the summer season. In this case, aesthetic qualities, functionality and safety are features that should not exclude each other, but combine in the form of high-quality construction products. Therefore, the use of Dasag products in such important projects is not surprising.

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