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House in the meadow - a contemporary version of a Polish cottage

22 of October '19
Technical data
Name: House in the meadow
Location: , Cisie near Czestochowa.
Author: Kamil Cierpiol


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1 867 m²
171,50 m²

Cubic capacity:

662,18 m³

How to reconcile tradition with modernity? How to design a contemporary single-family house drawing inspiration from the form of a Polish cottage? Architects from the studio VERSO group faced this problem in a house on a meadow in the village of Cisie, Częstochowa County.

Cisie is a typical Polish village with a chain layout of buildings stretching along several streets. The village's location near the Upper Liswarta River Forest Landscape Park adds to its charm.

In designing the modern single-family house, the architects were inspired by the nearby development of old timber-framed houses. The existing buildings in the village, often dark gray or black, are arranged on a rectangular plan with a vestibule added next to it, covered with a traditional gabled roof.



© VERSO group

The Meadow House, as the architects themselves write, is a contemporary form of an old Polish cottage. It is a one-story structure, built on a rectangular plan, broken by arcades on the side of the terrace and entrance. For the most part, the house is covered with a gable roof, the apex of which is determined diagonally, giving the mass an interesting, more dynamic form.

elewacja północna

north elevation

© VERSO group

The building, due to the marshy terrain, stands on a concrete foundation slab, which refers to the stone foundations. The entire structure is made of prefabricated wooden frame construction, and the walls are filled with mineral wool. The facades of the building are clad with fire-tanned and oil-impregnated Polish larch facade boards, which give the building a deep, dark color.

The architects located the building in the third building line from the access street, in the middle of a meadow, so that it is not only at a certain distance from the neighboring buildings, but also allows to expose the beauty of the surrounding nature.



© VERSO group

The house was designed for a family of four, which is constantly looking for new challenges and goals, so the architects designed the interiors to allow the householders to rearrange some of the rooms and even combine them.

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