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A house shaped by nature designed by Mobius Architects

12 of May '20
Technical data
Name: Wind House
Location: , Izabelin
Design: , Przemek Olczyk
Usable area: 450 m²
Investor: Private
Year of construction: 2019/2020

Izabelin is one of the most interesting places where many Varsovians choose to live. Mainly due to its proximity to the Kampinos Forest and unique nature - a dense pine forest that is home to various species of animals. The black body of the house blends in with the dark bark of the trees, complementing this woody landscape.

The sandy soils and soaring silhouettes of slender trees create an intriguing, somewhat cinematic atmosphere. It charmed the investors and inspired Warsaw-based architect Przemek Olczyk of Mobius Architekci.

When designing this building, I didn't think about its massing. I marked out wooded areas on the plot, I wanted to leave intact. Then, winding around them, I began to draw more sharp lines of the house cutting out the space. This is how the concept was formed, which prompted, or rather imposed the shape of the solid, " explains the architect.

House among the trees

Wind House w Izabelinie - Mobius Architekci

The house becomes a closed block, but the architect managed to avoid the impression of heaviness

© Mobius Architects

The designer decided to call the house "Wind House" because of its characteristic under-enclosed shape. Large glazed windows overlook the forest on all sides. Their frames merge with the openwork facade of the house, which is also helped by wooden laths and blinds. They can be opened or closed, depending on the needs of the residents. When closed, they make the house a closed block, but the architect managed to avoid the impression of heaviness.

The thin wooden panels made of Siberian larch covering the facade are not pressed together, allowing the wind to pass between each panel. In the likeness of the wind between the trees, the irregular shape of the villa itself also "flows". As a result, the building not only merges with its surroundings, but also harmonizes with the context of the place. This is also helped by the natural stone covering part of the facade, which is also found inside the house. This blurs the formal boundaries of the architecture. A skylight has been placed in the surface of the ceiling, which allows access to the usable part of the roof. In this way, householders will be able to tangibly commune with the surrounding nature.

The irregular mass of the Wind House

Wind House w Izabelinie - Piotr Olczyk Mobius Architekci

Like the body of the house itself, the functional spaces are subject to the rigors of natural tree growth

© Mobius Architects

The layout of the various rooms in a house is usually intuitive enough that anyone can figure it out. In the case of Wind House, it's a bit different. Like the body of the house itself, the functional spaces are subject to the rigors of natural tree growth. Moving through the building thus becomes an adventure!

The building is so intricate that it is impossible to determine two axes in it, parallel to each other. It was such a challenge that we had to change surveyors twice ," Przemek Olczyk reveals.

Immediately after moving into a newly built house, residents are aware of its architecture. As the days pass, this impression fades and the house becomes a part of its occupants. This will not happen fully in the case of Wind House. Due to the body shaped by the placement of trees, residents will feel its architecture intensely and probably for a long time. It will certainly be an interesting experience.

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