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House in Koscielisko by Piotr Kuczia #Witkiewicz Award

25 of June '20
Technical data

House in Koscielisko

Location: Poland, Koscielsko
Project: KUCZIA Architect
Architects: Piotr Kuczia
Building area: 150
Year of construction: 2018
Investor: Magdalena Czerwińska-Wyraz

The house in Koscielisko was awarded first place in 2018 in the residential architecture category in the 9th edition of the competition for the Stanislaw Witkiewicz Małopolski Voivodeship Award. Below we recall the winning project by architect Piotr Kuczia.

The modest and simple form of the house is the result of a search for the roots of the regional architecture of Podhale. As we read in the justification of the jury of the 9th edition of the competition for the Stanisław Witkiewicz Małopolski Voivodeship Award:

The project has the character of an ideological declaration and represents architecture, where the form and scale refer to the tradition of the place, avoiding decorative stylization or literalism, and at the same time is an experiment in materials, technology and is distinguished by minimalist discipline in the formation of function and form.

Projekt jest
inspirowany dawnym schroniskiem

The architect was inspired by the hostel building

© Piotr Kuczia

Piotr Kuczia was inspired by a historical photo of the Tatra Society Hostel and developed the architectural mass of a small single-family house. He created the layout of the facade boarding, the form of the roof and the characteristic shields in the corners of the building (drain pipes were hidden in them).

recycled wood

With a relatively small living area - 150 square meters - the author's intention was to obtain as much space as possible and at the same time provide intimacy for a family of five. An important aspect was also to take advantage of the scenic qualities of the plot - the Tatra Mountains can be seen from the south side.

w Kościelisku

The facade is planks from demolition

© Piotr Kuczia

The entire wooden facade is made of planks from demolition. Spruce, fir and pine planks predominate. The material has not been impregnated or painted, the planks used in this architectural realization were only cleaned and dried. Thanks to many years of exposure to the weather, the wood has good technical properties, and the color blends in with the surroundings and gives character to the building.

energy and environment

Energy and environmental aspects played an important role in the project, the architect says:

The very high thermal parameters of the building envelope, combined with the glazing of the southern facade (passive solar energy generation), lead - despite the difficult climatic conditions - to economical operation. A buffer zone with closets and small windows on the north side further protect against unnecessary heat escape. Equipped with mechanical ventilation, the house is heated with a heat pump. All these solutions have proven themselves in practice. This is confirmed by the low electricity expenses after a year of use.

Proste wnętrza domu
w Kościelisku

The interiors are dominated by white

© Piotr Kuczia

The interiors of the house are also characterized by material simplicity. They are dominated by white in combination with wood and raw concrete ceilings.

We would like to remind you that only until June 30 this year is the call for applications for the next 10th edition of the competition for the Stanisław Witkiewicz Małopolski Voivodeship Award.

compiled by: Dobrawa Bies

illustrations courtesy of Piotr Kuczia

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