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Black house in Kashubia designed by Gregory Layer

30 of March '20
Technical data
Name: House in Kashubia
Location: , Gowidlino
Area: 67 m²
Year of construction: 2016
Investor: Private

In the midst of Kashubian meadows stood a house. Despite its characteristic asymmetrical form and black-painted facade, it is a traditional house.

Its interior was entirely covered with natural-colored pine boards. This contrast between the interior and exterior paradoxically introduces a kind of balance. At the same time, such a "black and white" division of the space clearly separated what is domestic and what is on the side of nature.

He took as his main goal {tag:Studio} the creation of a simple, functional and economical building, allowing year-round use. And all this in close contact with nature. The shape of the house was subordinated to the needs of its occupants. On the first floor, despite the small area of the house, it was possible to create a living area - a living room with a dining room, combined with a kitchenette. From here there is also an exit to the terrace.

House in Kashubia

Photo: Grzegorz Layer

The staircase is located in the central part of the house and divides the space into a main room and an enclosed one - a bedroom, a bathroom and a toilet. The first floor has been partially opened - from the mezzanine you can see the dining room and living room. In its closed part two guest bedrooms have been located. The entire house is heated by the warmth of a fireplace placed in a concrete enclosure near the kitchen.

The house was built in timber frame construction. Irregularly spaced windows adequately illuminate all rooms and frame views of the surrounding landscape.

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