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Marta Rachwol on studying at the University of Westminster in London

30 of March '20

Marta Rachwol talks about her undergraduate studies at the Department of Architecture at London's University of Westminster. Listen to what it's like to study there, interact with tutors and whether there is free time from classes.

Marta Rachwol

BArch graduate from the University of Westminster in London, Department of Architecture. She received an award from Fabrication Lab London for her structural model of the Pompidou Center building made using laser technology in 2016. She won a Gold Scholarship awarded by the University of Westminster for academic achievement and was the recipient of a 125 Fund awarded by the Quentin Hogg Trust in her second year of study, for a project on self-development.

During her studies, she had the opportunity to broaden her horizons at the Wright&Wright office, and participated in the RIBA mentoring program in the UK. Since the end of her studies, she has been working in Prague as a Junior Architect, doing international projects.

scope of the podcast

Class schedule, program, study organization, contact with lecturers, working on projects
What is the atmosphere at the university and faculty, what conditions does the university offer?
What is student life like, how much time is taken up by studying and activities at the university, and how much is for pursuing one's passions and social life?
What are the prospects after graduating from university?

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illustrations courtesy of Marta Rachwol

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