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Aleksandra Sliwa on studying in Amsterdam and Ghent

10 of August '20

Aleksandra Sliwa talks about studying architecture in the Netherlands at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and in Belgium at KU Leuven in Ghent. Hear about the differences between these universities and the Cracow University of Technology, the topics of study, the practical approach, project presentations and the importance of teamwork.

Aleksandra Sliwa

Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Cracow University of Technology. She did semester studies at KU Leuven in Ghent and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She is the winner of the first degree distinction of the Scholarship named after Professor Lisowski awarded by SARP Krakow. She currently works in the Cracow office BE DDJM belonging to the international holding company Baumschlager Eberle Architekten. Privately, she is an amateur of art (with an emphasis on graphics, as well as turn-of-the-century painting), travel and music. While working, she considers her interests and the experiences that follow them as a treasure trove of inspiration. He considers the human and social factor the most important for architecture.

scope of the podcast

First degree exchange - Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Second degree exchange - KU Leuven in Ghent
Differences between these schools and the Polish university
Atmosphere and conditions at the university - Amsterdam and Ghent
Student life, free time
Prespketives after graduation from university

Aleksandra Sliwa is the co-author of a paper titled. "Molecules. An Intergenerational Village in Grabin," which you can read about here.

From the podcast series entitled: "All about education - the best universities".

compiled by: Dobrawa Bies

illustrations courtesy of Aleksandra Sliwa

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