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Home RE: LONG HOUSE from REFORM Architect with a 2020 ICONIC AWARDS award!

06 of August '20

The jury of the international competition ICONIC AWARDS 2020: Innovative Architecture - Selection selected the best architectural projects from around the world. Among them was the RE: LONG HOUSE by Marcin Tomaszewski of REFORM Architekt. The realization was awarded in the architecture category.

The initiator of the international ICONIC AWARDS competition is the German Design Council. It is one of the world's most important institutions operating in the field of design and architecture expertise. The awards are given to visionary buildings, innovative products in all branches of architecture, construction and real estate. The official awards ceremony will be held at the Pinakothek Museum of Contemporary Art in Munich on October 5.

w Łodzi

The front part of the house is devoid of windows

© REFORM Architects

long house in Lodz

The project by Marcin Tomaszewski, completed in 2019, received an award in the architecture category. The house RE: LONG HOUSE was built in Lodz, on a plot of 2.5 thousand square meters. The area of the two-story block is 550 square meters and less than 14.5 meters wide due to the limited width of the plot.

According to the architect:

The site also had several trees that had to be preserved - some were narrowly spaced, in the only place where entry to the plot was possible. Taking all the strictures into account, I designed an oblong house that not only fit on the designated section of the plot, but also did not interfere with the surrounding nature.

The lump was given geometric and simple forms, and dynamics is provided by the shifts between the segments from which the edifice was composed. The investor wanted a modernist look, for this Marcin Tomaszewski decided to use details in the form of black steel channels. Other materials used in the project include white and graphite plaster and stone from Grassi Pietre. The architect used traditional reinforced concrete technology filled with ceramic blocks.

Długi dom
w Łodzi

The simple, narrow, long block will blend in with the surrounding trees

© REFORM Architects

modernist solid

The front part of the solid was treated by the author as a sculpture - except for the front door, the architect did not design windows in this part of the house. They were placed on the western and southern sides of the block. The project also included a two-car garage and the interior of the house. The arrangement of the rooms consists of wooden elements in white and gray colors. A distinguishing feature of the interior is the staircase manufactured in Spain, which is only 5 cm thick, has a 150 cm overhang and titanium pins in the center.

Also read about the RE: LONG HOUSE project in an interview with Marcin Tomaszewski.

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