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A house with a view of the Beskids designed by YATTA Architects

09 of June '20
Technical data

House with a view of the Beskids

Location: Poland, Bielsko-Biala
Project: YATTA Architekci
Building area: 197,70 m²
Usable area:
221,56 m²
Cubic capacity: 990,36

The neighborhood in which the house stands is extremely picturesque. A few steps separate its inhabitants from being in the forest, whose paths can be walked for hours. All around is a green landscape interspersed with single-family houses, and not so far away you can also see the mountains drawing against the sky. Where can you live like this? In Bielsko-Biała!

The house is located on a hill, so the view of the mountains is even better. Its inhabitants are two active people who like to spend time outdoors. Hence, the main idea of the architects from {tag:pracownie} was to create a functional space connecting the kitchen with the living room and garden. This is where the heart of the house was created, around which family life takes place. Sympathy for this space is further strengthened by the fact that it is lit from three sides - from morning to evening the sun peeks through.

Dom z widokiem na góry - Yatta Architekci

The kitchen is illuminated on three sides - from morning to evening the sun peeks into the interior

© YATTA Architects

kitchen in the center

As in many homes, here too the kitchen is at the center. As the architects say - it is a captain's bridge from which you can observe not only the rest of the household, but also the garden and the peaks of the Beskydy Mountains.

In addition to the living area, the first floor has one guest bedroom and a small bathroom. A garage for two cars is also located here, which is located in the side wing of the house. Between it and the main part of the building, the architects created an entrance area, which turns into a terrace on the other side. From the central part one can head towards the garage or the house. The road in front will lead you to the garden.

house with mountain view

Dom z widokiem na Beskidy - Yatta Architekci

The facade has been divided into two strips - white with plaster and graphite covered with clinker, giving the building some lightness

© YATTA Architects

On the first floor is the night zone, which consists of bedrooms - the main one with an adjoining dressing room and a smaller one further down the house. The larger one faces - like the living room with the kitchen - the Beskid range. In addition, the architects have placed a utility room here. It is also possible to access the terrace, the function of which is performed by the roof of the garage.

The designers did not want the lump of the house to dominate the surroundings, so in order to fit in better, they gave it a horizontal shape. The facade was divided into two strips - a white one made of plaster and a graphite one covered with clinker. Thanks to this procedure, the building gained some lightness.

elaboration: Basia Hyjek

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