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Comfort and freedom of design - thermal floor system

01 of June '20

Uponor TABS cooling and heating ceiling system

The invisible and noiseless Uponor TABS cooling and heating ceiling system is the answer to the market needs of sustainable construction. The efficient solution not only reduces investment and operating costs, but also provides great design freedom, flexibly adapting to the needs of specific projects.

Unlike conventional HVAC systems, the Uponor TABS system operates at near ambient temperatures, resulting in improved efficiency of heating and cooling sources. While it doesn't completely replace the HVAC system, it makes it possible to reduce the number of equipment required, which in turn reduces the cost of the entire project. Uponor TABS also means maximum room layout possibilities in large-scale facilities.

Even greater design freedom

Integrating Uponor cooling and heating ceilings into the building brings a new quality to the operation and design of multi-story buildings. Embedded in the construction of reinforced concrete ceilings, PE-Xa pipes route water and use the thermal mass of the building to heat or cool the rooms. This reduces the number of conventional sources of heat or cooling, such as radiators or air conditioners.

Having worked with architects and designers for many years, we know how important space is to them. By hiding the installations in the ceilings on the entire floor, the possibility of any shape and use of the rooms appears," says Piotr Serafin, a technical expert from Uponor. - During one of our realizations in the modern Ericpol Software Pool office building, the most important thing was to preserve the comfortable three-meter height of the building floor. During the design work, however, it turned out that after installing a suspended ceiling to accommodate the technical elements of air conditioning and mechanical ventilation, the height would be reduced by more than 1.5 meters in total. It was necessary to find a system that would not lower the designed height, and also support the work of the HVAC system. The solution turned out to be the Uponor Contec system, which, when built into the ceiling, took over the function of air conditioning the rooms, providing most of the cooling from the ceiling, adds Piotr Serafin. TABS systems from Uponor also mean increased comfort for space users. The absence of noise or intensive cold ventilation and constant temperature ensure a healthy and pleasant microclimate inside the building.

System stropów termoaktywnych UPONOR

UPONOR thermoactive ceiling system

In line with the idea of sustainable construction

Uponor Contec is a cost-effective solution that makes it possible to reduce operating costs as much as possible and reduce the negative impact of the investment on the environment. Supplying the ceilings with a temperature of 16-18°C and its return of 20-22°C allows for increased cooling (and heat - supply of about 30°C) efficiency, as well as the use of low-temperature, renewable energy sources that influence the achievement of prestigious certifications, such as LEED and BREEAM.

A study conducted in a London office building showed that Uponor active ceiling systems provide as much as 31% more savings compared to conventional installations. The high efficiency of Uponor TABS is primarily due to the high thermal conductivity coefficient of concrete and minimal energy use. In addition, the system does not have to undergo regular servicing or maintenance, which significantly translates into subsequent utility costs, explains Piotr Serafin.

Uponor Contec can be successfully used in office buildings, banks, schools, libraries or hospitals.

For more information, visit the company's website Uponor Sp. z o.o. at portau A&B.

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