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LOFT 85 in Szczyrk - a house with a mountain view

31 of May '20

In the heart of the Beskids, at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level is located a house with a breathtaking view of the mountains and... sunsets. All those who seek peace and quiet, but also attractions, will find refuge here. The original interior will meet the tastes of those who like eclecticism and play with mountain style.

From this place one does not want to leave. It is with this in mind that Malgorzata Szymecka created LOFT 85. In winter the local skiers and snowboarders come to Szczyrk in search of snow experiences. However, also at any other time of the year it is worth visiting this city. If only to read a book on the sun-bathed terrace of LOFT85.

Basia Hyjek: How did your adventure begin?
Malgorzata Szymecka: Well... It started innocently enough - a house in Szczyrk was bought by our friends. They invited us for New Year's Eve and we fell in! That's when we wanted to look for a house there ourselves, but it wasn't easy. Unfortunately, most of the houses for sale in Szczyrk are old, dilapidated, cluttered and without a set of basic utilities.
There was no telling what "surprises" they could hide.... When the agent and I walked into LOFT 85 (we didn't come up with this name until after the finishing touches were made) and saw this huge panoramic window across the entire width of the wall, through which masses of light and sunshine streamed into the living room, and when we saw these views, it literally blew us away. When we stepped out onto the huge corner sun terrace we knew that no other house we would see again. I wanted to immediately take down the "For Sale" sign hanging on the balcony!

LOFT 85 - dom
w Szczyrku

The house was new, in development condition. A clean sheet to write our own history

for. Yassen Hristov

Although from the outside the house did not invite you to enter at all (bushes had to be literally torn out first to reach the makeshift, broken wooden steps), the inside of the house was of a completely different fairy tale - the house was new, in development condition. A clean sheet to write its own history. The previous owner didn't have the time or idea to take care of it, so for 2 years it stood waiting for us. Well, and it overgrew with bushes all around!

Basia: What were the most difficult moments of creating this place?
Margaret: I don't remember anything in particular. Of course, there were certainly some difficulties, but nothing memorable. We started work on the house in January 2019 and finished in early June, so it went in no time. Then, until August, there was still work on the outside (garden, driveway, stairs, railings). I love decorating interiors - it's a passion of mine discovered a little too late, as it's unlikely to become my profession anymore. I guess that's why I get more joy out of it than I notice the hardships.

Basia: How do you want your guests to feel here?
Margaret: The house was originally created "for myself". The idea of renting it was born later, basically at the urging of friends, because it's a shame for it to stand empty when we're not there. We want our guests to feel there exactly as we do - pleasant, comfortable - as in our own mountain home. So that they, like us, would not want to come back from there. I know from Guests that for them it is just like that there....

LOFT 85 - domek
w Szczyrku

this is the perfect house to stay with friends, with family, but also exclusively for two....

Photo by Yassen Hristov

Basia: What was particularly important to you in creating this place?
Malgorzata: It had to be like a luxury boutique alpine chalet- a bit of a chalet, but as close as possible to where we live. Besides, we couldn't afford an Alpine chalet in the Alps, unfortunately. It was to be comfortable, intimate, and with everything we needed inside without having to leave! We placed great emphasis on comfortable beds - the ones in the LOFare so comfortable that we sleep there much better than at home. This is the perfect house to stay with friends, with family, but also exclusively for two....

Basia: Where did you get the idea for such an original interior design? What guided you?
Margaret: The idea for the decor was given by nature itself. I stood in front of the house, looked around and it came by itself.... The house was supposed to match the place where it stands - the mountains, but I didn't want a typical highland cottage lined with wood and decorated with ciupagi. I wanted a place with character, one that is memorable. I opted for the colors of the earth and what surrounds us (green from the plants, brown and black from the earth, white from the snow, navy blue from the sky, gold and yellow from the sun, silver from the stars), for natural and unique materials (old wood from demolished nearby barns, wicker, brass, cast iron). That's how a boutique-style "hotel" place with a unique atmosphere was created, because that's the kind I most like to visit myself.

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