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Siedlisko Sobibór - celebrate life and taste nature!

10 of July '20

Ewa Szeloch, fascinated by the Bug River countryside, has created a real habitat. Guests can choose from nine possible places to sleep - two country houses, a stable with independent studios, a granary, two cottages in the branches, rooms in a large barn and a small house. And for breakfast and dinner, the owner promises a feast for all the senses in accordance with the idea of slow food.

Siedlisko Sobibór is located almost on the very border with Ukraine. Surrounded by picturesque fields and forests, Ewa Szeloch decided to invite guests to hammock, kayak, take long walks and spend the night overlooking the treetops.

Basia Hyjek: How did your adventure begin?
Ewa Szeloch: It all started with a dream of a log house in the mountains. A dozen years ago, a friend of mine from high school invited me to show me a plot of land he bought in the Sobibor forests. Beautiful was his place, he spoke beautifully about the area and the wooden country houses. After a moment of enchantment with the area, I asked him to look for some plot of land with a wooden house for me.

Siedlisko Sobibór - letnie domki na wakacje

And that's how it began, with the renovation of a dream country wooden cottage, which initially served as a family home for the summer

© Siedlisko Sobibór

After several months of looking at properties in the village, only this one charmed me. It had a stork's nest, beautiful but very neglected grounds and ruined wooden buildings. And so it began, with the renovation of the village's dream wooden cottage, which initially served as a family home for the summer. But.... it was a shame for it to stand so lonely while I worked, so I started renting it out.

Basia: What were the most difficult moments of creating this place?
Ewa: To be honest, when you realize your dreams, all adversity, problems, troubles are not noticed, you just push forward, as long as you can achieve your dream goal faster.

Basia: What was particularly important to you in creating this place?
Ewa: The place was created, as we say - organically. Initially, while renting the first renovated house - many years ago in its entirety - the needs of our guests appeared, which we listened to and tried to put into practice. That's how the Stable was created - a mini house with two studios - Lace and Peas. And then it went.... and another dream awoke - a tree house. Well, and we got Tree Branch Houses - Owl and Woodpecker.

Siedlisko Sobibór - wakacje niedaleko Lublina

Dueto the location of Siedlisko in the countryside, I wanted to use authentic country furniture, which I collected and restored

© Siedlisko Sobibór

Basia: Where did you get the idea for such an interior design?
Ewa: It is my passion. Because of Siedlisko's location in the countryside, I wanted to use authentic countryside furniture that I collected and restored. Elements that used to be utilitarian in the countryside at our place became decorative elements. For example, the makatki or the laundry tare. The idea was to keep the character of rural furnishings, but without being obtrusive, without overloading, but discreet and sometimes minimalist. I love combining old elements with modern ones, hence, for example, in the Little Barn, large glazed windows in aluminum frames were inserted in place of the gates. In our Lace Studio is placed the already "famous" round window with stained glass, which is an antique window from the Bishop's Curia in Lublin.

You can tell a lot about each detail, piece of furniture, because each has its own story and soul, and this is the most important thing in my Siedlisko - soul and character.

Siedlisko Sobibór - pokoje na wynajem na wakacje

When you make your dreams come true, all adversities, problems and troubles are overlooked, you just push forward to achieve your dreamed goal faster.

© Siedlisko Sobibór

Basia: How are your guests supposed to feel here?
Ewa: They are supposed to feel at home, like on vacation at grandma's. First of all, freely, they don't have to pretend anything or anyone. For us, the most important thing is that everything should be natural - from the facilities, kitchen, cosmetics, etc. to the lifestyle and behavior. All according to our slogan: "Celebrate life, taste nature!"

interviewed: Basia Hyjek

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