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HUS - 35 m² of happiness in nature!

28 of June '20

If you dream of having your own house standing surrounded by meadows and forests, getting up at dawn in the company of deer, hares and elk and spending evenings in a Russian banya with a glass of wine, HUS is what you are looking for. To rent or buy - the creators of HUS will already take care of everything, you just need to show up!

Basia Hyjek: How did your adventure begin? Where did the idea for such a business come from?
Adam Musielak: We all live in a big city on a daily basis. This is a very convenient solution. Everywhere is close, the house is always warm, the leaves don't have to be raked, and we are meters away from the nearest store. There are many things we appreciate about the city, but the lack of silence, darkness, starry skies, the horizon line, not even the new subway line compensated us. We needed access to nature.

HUS - domek na wynajem na Mazowszu

We dreamed of a place where we could go even in the middle of the week. To catch our breath, relax, spend a nice evening by the fireplace


Commuting for hours was out of the question. We didn't have time for them. We dreamed of a place where we could go even in the middle of the week. To catch our breath, relax, spend a nice evening by the fireplace and return the next day to work. We imagined how nice it would be to work from such a place remotely, meet with friends, relax in the loggia or sauna, spend holidays, weekends, maybe even whole vacations! We decided to disenchant the Mazovian region - we dkd the starry Kurpie region. Where did the idea for the business come from? We wanted to share HUS with others. The idea of renting came up. If someone dreams of his own HUS, we will build it. Let's HUS everyone!

Basia: What were the most difficult moments of creating the place?
Adam: The place is people, nature, history, passion. In HUS, everything came together. There is magic, but we only know that today. There were many difficulties on our way. We did the same things two or three times each. The first HUS was ours. No one rushed us, there was no investor who could lose patience at a certain point. We at most threw a few rakes, but we knew what we were fighting for, what the goal was. For us, it was first and foremost an opportunity to create something unique. Every mistake we made was a valuable lesson. Many things were happening in parallel. Building, formalizing the company, marketing, talking to customers, getting to know each other as a team. There were and still are a whole lot of topics to take care of. It is worth noting that all of us have been working on HUS "in absentia" until now. The most important professional decisions are yet to come. We are a startup. Keep your fingers crossed!

HUS - domek 35 metrów kwadratowych

we know that by the open layout of the rooms and its simple shape it is even controversial, but this is part of our idea


Basia: How do you want your guests to feel here?
Adam: We would like them to be able to feel at home. To settle in, breathe in the scent of the meadow, listen to the bird concert. To dream and forget. Spend moments that will stay in their memories and hearts for a long time. Guests are supposed to feel peace, forget about everyday life, enjoy themselves and their moments at HUS. We dream of customers who will keep coming back to HUS. This would be the greatest gratification for us and proof that we are needed and do a good job.

Basia: What was particularly important to you in creating this place?
Adam: From the very beginning we were focused on designing an experience, of which architecture was to be a part. "The first contact" a client has with HUS is when they start thinking about their vacation. This is where the whole adventure and, in fact, the whole "HUS project" begins. HUS is not a standard 35-square-meter house. We know that through the open layout of the rooms and its simple body it is even controversial, but this is part of our idea. The openness encourages people to be together, to have long conversations, to spend valuable time together. Our guests are inspired by this solution.

The materials we build with are important to us. We believe in wood, cellulose-based materials, natural waterproofing. We keep plastics to a minimum. We care about the good atmosphere of the place, which consists of many aspects. Warmth, texture, softness, emptiness, light, smell. HUS needs to be experienced with all the senses!

Domek na wynajem z sauną HUS - dom na wynajem lub do kupienia bez pozwolenia

We want everyone, before deciding to build their own home, to experience all the solutions first


Basia: Please tell us about the design and construction process. What if I wanted to have such a house? What would I have to do and what would it look like?
Adam: We encourage you to test HUS. This is the first step to decide if HUS is for me. We are what we are. We do the architecture the way we do it. Transparency in HUS is one of our values. We want everyone to be able to experience all the solutions first before deciding to build their own house. Above all, we care about satisfied customers. If you feel HUS, you have come to the right place and together we will make your dreams come true. The next step is to sign a contract and book an appointment. HUS will take us several weeks to build. It may happen that your plot of land will be covered by the Local Development Plan, to which we will have to adjust the project, or for other reasons you would like to change something in HUS. No problem. We have our heads full of ideas and are at your service. HeyHUS!

interviewed: Basia Hyjek

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