The "Domino" effect in the kitchen

29 of June '20

SIEMENS cooktops - cooking freedom and culinary excitement to inspire you to discover new flavors

In a professional kitchen, there are no compromises. Every dish is prepared with the highest quality ingredients with the help of professional appliances. This perfection in the home kitchen can be achieved by the Siemens brand, offering the Domino system. It consists of three independent modules that can be composed in any way with each other and with full-size hobs. Traditional induction cooktop cooking meets the latest trends, thanks to the zoneless flexInduction co oktop and the Japanese Teppan Yaki grilling module.

Japanese perfection

Hailing from the land of the blossoming cherry, Teppan Yaki technology allows you to prepare steaks, seafood, fish or vegetables in a way previously reserved only for the Japanese. A full-surface grill, it has conquered the world with its exceptionally healthy, fast and spectacular way of cooking food. The Siemens steel grill consists of a heating surface divided into two zones, which can be used simultaneously or separately. The hob has a temperature control from 160 to 240°C and a special setting of 70°C to maintain the ideal temperature of dishes.

System Domino ©

Domino system


Freedom zone

Pots and pans are as diverse as the dishes prepared in them. The flexInduction system allows you to flex your cooktop settings. Simply move the cookware, and the zone on which it is placed activates automatically. The powerMove Plus function on flexInduction cooktops lets you cook like a real chef. It consists of three different heating stages without having to manually switch the temperature. The highest temperature is achieved in the front part of the hob. Subsequent cooking zones (medium temperature in the middle and keep warm at the back) are activated automatically by moving a cookware onto them. Additional features are provided by an overlay for traditional grilling, which allows you to enjoy the taste of juicy meat and the unique aroma of grilled vegetables all year round.

System Domino -
sterowanie © SIEMENS

Domino system


Touch control

Each of the three cooktops has a convenient control that allows you to quickly adjust the temperature with the touch or slide of a finger. Based on a precision sensor, touchSlider technology allows you to adjust the temperature in half-step increments up to the highest, ninth level.

Decide on the look and functionality in your own kitchen. Models available for domino stacking are:

  • iQ700 Flex induction cooktop 30 cm EX375FXB1E
  • iQ500 Teppan yaki 40 cm ET475FYB1E
  • iQ100 Induction domino cooktop 30 cm EH375FBB1E
  • Grilling overlay HZ390522

For more information, visit the company's SIEMENS AG - Grupa BSH page on the A&B portal.

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