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Ublik Green&Wind - full chillout in any form

21 of August '20

If you are looking for a rest away from civilization Ublik Green & Wind is a place especially for you. Simple cottages, located on the edge of the Masurian village of Ublik and Lake Buwełno, provide peace, tranquility and contact with nature.

A&B: How did your adventure begin?

Monika Skowronska: The adventure began a long, long time ago, as a child, on a sailing tour of the Masurian lakes. My passion for sailing and Masuria was infected by my dad - he himself is a yacht helmsman, while my husband and I can only boast a sailing patent. My grandmother and grandfather come from Masuria. A lot of connections.... Despite the fact that I am from Warsaw. My husband was also often in Masuria, sailing .... and this common sailing passion of ours resulted in a decision 20 years ago - we are building our house here! And years later, the idea for Ublik Green was born. It combined my Masurian passions with my other hobby - architecture, interior decorating, restoration of old furniture. Something completely different, giving respite and rest from professional work. There was also in this idea a desire to create a place for guests, looking for unusual places, close to nature without glamour. Simple and natural with an interesting design.

Domek Ulbik Green

The biggest challenge was to find a place in the middle of nowhere with access to a lake

photo: Monika Skowronska

A&B: What were the most difficult moments in creating this place?

Monika Skowronska: The biggest challenge was finding a place in the middle of now here with access to a lake and at a reasonable price. We drove the length and breadth of Masuria. It took more than a year before we were able to make decisions. We also wanted the place to be relatively close to our home on the Sniardwy River. It helps to know that we know this area and feel really comfortable here. We know where to go, what to see, what to eat. We know the people and the places. It's easier for us to share with others and inspire interesting excursions in the area. No stitching. We've simply traveled and experienced everything here ourselves over the years.

The biggest construction challenge? Translating our vision into a design. We basically determined everything ourselves - the size of the houses, the layout of the rooms inside, the windows, the materials, the color scheme, the interior design. All we needed was a designer to pour it on paper, shoehorn it, draw it out....

A&B: What was particularly important to you in creating this place?

Monika Skowronska: The leitmotif - nature, simplicity, blending the buildings into the cultural landscape of the region. Relating tradition - traditional form, old tile, etc. with functionality and modernity in the form of large windows, bright colors and space. No fences and fences, the bane of the Polish landscape! We didn't want to cover anything, the sunset over the lake is for everyone, for us, our guests and for anyone wandering in the Masurian wilderness. It hurts when the view of the lake is obstructed by the owner's tight fence ...

wnętrze Ulbik Green

minimalist and simple interior design

photo: Monika Skowronska

A&B: Where did you get the idea for such interior design?

Monika Skowronska: From my love for simplicity and minimalist solutions. Not wasting used old things, avoiding glamour, not using expensive solutions and not investing in expensive brands. Why go for it. You can naturally and inexpensively. You can also do something yourself - DYI itself is a pleasure. Each bungalow has the same layout of rooms - downstairs living room with open kitchen and goat, separate bedroom, bathroom. Upstairs a mezzanine with two sleeping places. On the other hand, each differs in design. The lower bungalow was styled as a loft. White brick on the wall, wood, metal black staircase. Natural materials. This cottage was designed by my cousin Marta Tryczynska interior, garden and terrace designer, who runs Whitepepper Home&Garden Studio. The Middle House is a gray and white interior, light and pastel. Also natural materials - linen, wood. The Upper House was intended to slightly evoke a harbor atmosphere - hence the rusty lamps over the table, lantern, oars. I like this interior very much.

Domek na wynajem

The cottages are located on the edge of a Masurian village

Photo: Monika Skowronska

A&B: How do you want your guests to feel here?

Monika Skowronska: Active - actively, there are bicycles, canoes, a boat, you can run, walk, fish. Devotees of slowlife and coffee in the morning - can celebrate moments, nature lovers - have nature at their doorstep, families with children - water, beaches, water equipment and other entertainment than all-inclusive to choose from. Simply a full chillout in any form - actively or with a book.

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