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Hyttee - inspired by Norway, Canada and... the Klodzko Basin!

14 of June '20

Hyttee are wooden summer cottages that many Norwegians own. Most often they are located in exceptionally charming places, which, of course, are not lacking in the land of fjords. Marlena and Marek decided to create their own hyttee and in Poland, in the Bardzkie Mountains.

Although the hyttee stands in the Klodzko Basin, it is very Scandinavian, but also Canadian. It is the result of many inspirations brought from different parts of the world. Marlena Kilian and Marek Piojda designed and built it themselves. The cottage will accommodate four people who are looking for relaxation in nature. It is quiet and peaceful here. However, be on your guard - there are wild hares roaming around!

Basia Hyjek: How did your adventure begin?
Hyttee: Two years ago began our very intensive work and implementation of the Hyttee project. However, the idea itself had already germinated in us much earlier. During our college years, we visited Norway several times to shore up our student budget. It was there that we marveled at the charm of weekend cottages. After returning from our vacation, we wanted to build a cottage in our hometowns, which we would also make available for guests.

Hyttee - domek
letniskowy w Kotlinie Kłodzkiej Hyttee - inspirowany Norwegią
domek letniskowy

Wood is a graceful material that is unusual in itself, its grain painting beautiful textures and colors

© BOHOTO Monika Luniak

We searched for a long time for the perfect technology that would last and that we could develop in the future. Another turning point turned out to be our year-long stay in Vancouver, where we discovered CLT (cross-laminated timber) technology and its promoter Michael Green. We immediately fell in love with the material and appreciated all its advantages. At that point it was already certain that this was the type of construction we wanted to associate our future with.

Basia: How did you come up with the idea for just such a house?
Hyttee: We wanted a simple body, which would relate in shape to buildings from the Klodzko Basin region. In addition, we wanted the structure to be as simple and easy to build as possible, since we knew we would be building the cottage ourselves.

Basia: What were the most difficult moments?
Hyttee: Every stage was difficult because we were doing everything for the first time. However, self-confidence and mutual support allowed us to complete the project!

Basia: How do you want your guests to feel here? Where did you get the idea for such an interior design?
Hyttee: From the beginning, we wanted guests to feel as if they were coming to their own vacation home. What is important to us is the freedom and contact with nature that visitors can experience.

Hyttee - inspirowany
Norwegią derwniany domek letniskowy

Very important for us during the creation of Hyttee was to preserve the naturalness of the area, we tried not to disturb the tranquility of the area

© BOHOTO Monika Luniak

And when it comes to interior design, we love minimalism. Wood is a graceful material that is unusual in itself, its grain painting beautiful textures and colors. When choosing furnishings, we tried not to obscure the natural beauty of the CLT with it.

Basia: What was particularly important to you in creating this space?
Hyttee: Very important for us when creating Hyttee was to preserve the naturalness of the terrain, we tried not to disturb the tranquility of the area. The Bardzkie Mountains and the Klodzko Basin have many undiscovered gems tucked away. Our goal was to encourage tourists to deviate from the popular trails and discover new lesser-known places, such as Janowiec and other nearby villages.

interviewed: Basia Hyjek

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