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Rent in Woods - a cottage in Warmia in the village of Rentyny

21 of June '20

Natalia and Arthur's house can be lived in all year round. So if you have plans to cut yourself off from the world and enjoy the beauty of nature - the greenery, but also the nearby lake, this is a place created especially with you in mind. You can't pass by Rent in Woods indifferently - attention is drawn, for example, by a huge window opening onto the surrounding views, shaped like a gabled roof.

Not far from Olsztyn, in the village of Rentyny, stands a house covered with dark boards. A huge window, 6.5 meters high, allows one to commune with the surrounding nature all the time. Although the house looks modern, inside you will find solutions that give the whole house a unique atmosphere. The kitchen was made of boards coming from an old Masurian barn. Here you will only meet roe deer and foxes, which sometimes come very close to the area around the house.

Basia Hyjek: How did your adventure begin?
Artur and Natalia Przewoźniczek: We had been involved in short-term apartment rentals in Warsaw for several years. We wanted to develop this business, but living in the city is not what we dreamed of. The countryside has always attracted us, especially the Warmian countryside. We put everything on one card - we gave up our full-time jobs and started looking for "the" place. Quite quickly we came across Rentyny and knew that this was it!

Rent in Woods - domek na wynajem na Warmii

From the beginning we had a few assumptions. That the big windows, that it was wooden, that it was covered with shingles and resembled a barn

© Artur and Natalia Przewoźniczek

Basia: Where did the idea for such a house design come from? How did you work with the architects?
Artur and Natalia: From the beginning we had several assumptions. That big windows, that it was wooden, that it was covered with shingles and resembled a barn. We described all this to our architects - Paulina Starun and Szymon Wanik. We instantly caught agreement and working on the project turned out to be a fun adventure. The result is very satisfying!

Basia: What were the most difficult moments during its creation? What was the construction process like?
Artur and Natalia: The most difficult thing was, as probably on any construction site, to see to the team. It was the first time we undertook such a difficult task as building a house. All the "paperwork", timing, subsequent teams.... We scored many sleepless nights.

Rent in woods - domek na wynajem nad jeziorem

We wanted to create the kind of house we would like to live in ourselves

© Artur and Natalia Przewoźniczek

Basia: How do you want your guests to feel here? Where did you get the idea for such interior design?
Artur and Natalia: Comfortable and close to nature. We wanted to create the kind of house we would like to live in ourselves. We like the combination of wood and concrete. We started the decor with a kitchen made of planks from an old barn and microcement flooring. The rest, step by step, we matched these two elements.

interviewed: Basia Hyjek

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