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Kobro and Strzeminski. Idealism, Modernism and Utopia - an online architectural meeting

20 of May '20

The film plans for Thursday also include a proposal from the Gdynia City Museum. The virtual meeting will feature a film by Maria Stelmaszczyk about the avant-garde thought of Katarzyna Kobro and Władysław Strzemiński. "Idealism, Modernism and Utopia" accompanies the ongoing exhibition "Gdynia - Tel Aviv.

The theory close to the avant-garde artists had a remarkable momentum - the artists wanted to embody the ideas of modernity, affecting every aspect of everyday life. They designed furniture, clothing, buildings and entire cities.

The struggle of creative concepts is brought closer by the exhibition "Gdynia - Tel Aviv". The meeting accompanying it illustrates the struggle with space and matter undertaken by a pair of artists: Katarzyna Kobro and Władysław Strzemiński. Their concept, supported by intellectual calculations, served the idea of creating a new society and new art.

A meeting with Maria Stelmaszczyk, who will try to introduce us to the world of avant-garde thought in her film, will be held tomorrow, May 21, at 6:00 pm on the website of the Museum of the City of Gdynia.

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