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We know the winners of the J.B. Quadro in Poznań!

26 of October '20

Today the jury of the J.B. Prize. Quadro announced the winners. The statuette was awarded to CDF Architects for the "Iron" townhouse. For the first time in the history of the award, the jury also decided to award the second prize in the form of an honorable mention. It went to Insomia for the Nowy Strzeszyn housing development.

Seven works advanced to the finals, but two proved to be leaders above all others. As a jury we faced a unique challenge, because we would like to award both of these works.

Bartosz Guss, Deputy Mayor of the City of Poznań, said during the awards ceremony. This is how he justified the unique situation, because for the first time in the history of the award, an honorable mention was also given. This year's announcement of the results due to the pandemics took place online. This, however, did not overshadow the joy of the winners.

poznan statuette

The Jan Baptista Quadro Prize has been awarded by the Mayor of Poznań since 1999. Its purpose is to recognize and honor the best architectural and urban development projects completed in Poznań in a given year. Investments for the award can be submitted by investors, contractors, architects, as well as residents of Poznan. The patron of the award is the Italian architect Jan Baptista Quadro, who associated his professional and private life with Poznań. He went down in architectural history primarily as the author of the reconstruction of the Poznań City Hall.

award for CDF Architects

In this year's 22nd edition, projects from various fields took part: architecture, urban planning or restoration of historical monuments. The jury decided to award the designers from CDF Architekci for the design of the tenement house referred to as "Iron". It stood on the site of a tenement demolished in 2011. It is a building maintained in a historicizing Neo-Renaissance style. The designers, while keeping the form similar to the demolished building, supplemented it with new communication solutions. Karol Fiedor of CDF Architects congratulated all the nominees and thanked the jury on behalf of the entire team.

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Poznan's "Iron"

© billon_061

historic award

The first honorable mention in the history of the award was given to the Nowy Strzeszyn housing development designed by the Insomia architectural studio. The jury, which visited all the nominated locations this year, appreciated the attempt to create a single-family development in the city, but with elements such as common areas in the buildings and plenty of greenery. During a visit to the estate, the jury was even invited by residents to one of the buildings, who shared their positive experiences of using the houses.

Nowy Strzeszyn, Poznań, Insomia

Nowy Strzeszyn estate

© Jakub Głaz

In addition to the award winners, this year's nominees included:

Easst Architects for a residential, commercial and office building on Małe Garbary Street
Atelier Starzak Strebnicki for the reconstruction and revitalization of the historic building of the Poznań City Hall
Ultra Architects for a tenement house on Fabryczna Street
Atrium Autorskie Studio Architektury Mateusz Urbański for the reconstruction of the Prof. Adam Wodziczka Elementary School No. 4 of the Social Educational Society in Poznań
Macieków Pracownia Projektowa for an office building on Matya, Wierzbięcice, Wujka and Przemysłowa streets

Helena Postawka-Lech

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