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Krakow introduces a revolution in transportation! It gives lanes for cars back to cyclists.

27 of April '20

Krakow officials will introduce some seven kilometers of temporary bike lanes in car lanes, which are currently unnecessary due to lower traffic volumes. They will also widen excessively narrow sidewalks, where it is not possible to maintain the recommended spacing between pedestrians.

Krakow is the first city in Poland to make such changes in transportation! Specialists from the City Traffic Engineer's Department and the Public Transport Authority estimated that traffic in Krakow decreased in the second half of March, depending on the street, by up to 70 percent, and the number of public transport passengers dropped by almost 90 percent. By comparison, bicycle traffic fell by about 50 percent.

Bikes to the streets!

The office has therefore created designs for solutions for cyclists and pedestrians to complement the existing infrastructure network and help people move safely around Krakow in the coming months. To begin with, seven kilometers of temporary bicycle paths are to be set aside in the traffic lanes for cars.
The bike paths will be built on streets:

  • Grzegórzecka,
  • Wielopole,
  • Dietla,
  • Bernardyńska,
  • Westerplatte,
  • św. Gertrudy.

Grunwaldzki Bridge is to become a "funnel" for bicycle traffic, where routes from Ruczaj and Matecznego traffic circle will meet. According to officials, the widening of the bike paths is necessary to ensure safety, as the current sidewalks with bicycle traffic are too narrow on the bridge. Temporary bicycle path s will also be designated on streets: Ksiazcia Józefa and Nowohucka, and bicycle lanes on the roadway on Ofiar Dąbia and Pilotów streets.

Safe pedestrians

Widening excessively narrow sidewalks is another measure of the transportation revolution. This will allow pedestrians to pass each other safely and maintain the recommended distance. More space will be designated on Mogilska Street, Grzegórzecka Street and Grunwaldzki Bridge. Meanwhile, moving the roadway away from pedestrians will be introduced on Podzamcze Street and the intersection near the Bagatela Theater. Sectoral organization of traffic in the city center is also to be introduced.

The projects will be implemented successively - work begins this week, and the teams making the new markings will work on more streets over the next few weeks.

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