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UV disinfection lamps in the presence of people new trend in office equipment

15 of March '21

UV-C STERILON FLOW - disinfection with light!

Designed to disinfect air and surfaces, the lamps are now becoming a standard piece of office equipment. According to Lena Lighting S.A., a lighting manufacturer from Wielkopolska, companies are ordering an increasing number of devices that use UV-C rays to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi from the environment. Such a solution is expected to take care of the safety of people who cannot work remotely.

Disinfection lamps were initially ordered mainly for medical facilities, retail and service outlets and public facilities. Now they are increasingly being purchased as equipment for office spaces.

Currently, the scale of orders for office use is increasing greatly. UV-C technology is not only convenient, but also one of the most effective methods of disinfecting air and surfaces. It can be seen that disinfection lamps are slowly becoming the new standard for office equipment. Companies are also increasingly commissioning us to produce equipment that is adapted in appearance to the interior design. For example, one of our latest productions is as many as 75 UV-C STERILON FLOW lamps, adapted in color to the character of a Krakow office building. They will be a fixture in every office, common and social areas. They will take care of a virus- and bacteria-free environment

- says Piotr Janiga, National Medical Manager at Lena Lighting.

Lampy UV-C STERILON FLOW flow lamps for air disinfectionLampy UV-C STERILON FLOW flow lamps for air disinfectionLampy UV-C STERILON FLOW flow lamps for air disinfection

Air and surface disinfection lamps were developed as a response to the epidemiological threat. Thanks to ultraviolet rays, they eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi. Today, their popularity has grown tremendously. Lena Lighting offers products for surface disinfection, air disinfection, as well as dual-purpose lamps, which are the most popular. When using devices that use ultraviolet light, you should be careful and protect yourself from escaping its rays. Disinfection of surfaces should be carried out in empty rooms.

The situation is different for flow-through air disinfection lamps, such as UV-C STERILON FLOW or UV-C STERILON AIR, which disinfect the air inside the housing and can safely operate in the presence of people.

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