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Dorota Koziara will design a collection of lamps for Lena Lighting

25 of January '22

Designer Dorota Koziara will create a new collection of lamps for Lena Lighting.

Lena Lighting has teamed up with Dorota Koziara. The world-renowned designer will create a collection of lamps that will be made with LED technology using the latest generation of modules. The idea behind the project is to combine the magic of light with highly energy-efficient technology.

I consider light to be the most magical phenomenon. It is it that brings out shapes, builds atmosphere and allows us to explore the world we live in. The Lena Lighting brand invited me to work with them and I am very happy that together we will create products that will help you illuminate your everyday life

- Dorota Koziara says.

The cooperation with the designer is the result of Lena Lighting's new strategy. The manufacturer from Wielkopolska focuses on innovative, environmentally friendly technological solutions and top-of-the-line design.

Our new strategy is to combine high-energy-saving, intelligent technology with unique design, and we have recently strongly developed our internal design department. However, we have big ambitions and want to make design one of our differentiators. That's why we have invited Dorota Koziara - an outstanding designer and artist whose achievements are appreciated all over the world - to work with us. We are very much looking forward to our joint project

- says Marzena Lesinska, Board Representative for Marketing at Lena Lighting.

Cooperation with Dorota Koziara assumes the preparation of a collection of lamps for various purposes, forming a coherent design line. The premiere of the products is planned in the coming months.

Dorota Koziara - designer, artist, interior designer, art director, exhibition curator

She studied in Poland and Italy. For 10 years she worked with Alessandro Mendini and Atelier Mendini in Milan. Since 2005 her studio has been based in Milan, where she has designed interiors for leading design companies such as Alessi, Swatch and Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amista. She designs for such companies as Venini, Fiorucci, Hermes, Luxo, Abet Laminati, Swarovski, Bisazza, Fiat, Redd's, Cosimo Martinelli, Comforty, Du Pont, Noti, Slamp, Kauffman, Ardcodife Louvre, Cosi Tabellini, Velab, Tubadzin, Krono, Almi Decor, Tatuum, Christian Dior and many others.
Dorota Koziara's approach to design topics is broad, being a designer she is also involved in design promotion, strategy of company development through design and design criticism. For years she has also been a curator and organizer of exhibitions promoting design on the international field, among the most important "Real Industry Future Classics Comforty" Temporary Museum For New Design Superstudio Piu, Milan Salone del Mobile 2011, "Polish Design - Design from Wielkopolska" Salone del Mobile 2012, "Polish Design" Salone del Mobile 2013, Downtown Design Dubai 2013, "Mendini " National Museum and Kulczyk Foundationin Poznan 2004 and in 2014 "Mendini ", Wroclaw European Capital of Culture in the Neon Gallery and Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw, "Polish Design - Tomorrow is Today " - Salone del Mobile 2017, Milano.
Her works have been presented at numerous exhibitions in Poland and abroad in Milan, London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Zurich, among others. Winner in the "Third Millennium" international sculpture competition in Italy for her installation "12 Angels" in Tuscany, Italy.
In 1998 she developed part of the dramaturgy and set design for the play "70 Angels on the Facade" directed by Robert Wilson for Piccolo Teatro in Milan. The world's first theatrical production about the history of architecture and design on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Domus, the world's oldest magazine in the field of design.

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