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Lena Lighting invests in photovoltaic farm

12 of February '21

The Board of Directors of Lena Lighting has signed a contract for the construction of a photovoltaic farm. By the end of the year, 596 panels will be installed at the manufacturing plant in Sroda Wielkopolska, generating 241.38 kWp. The investment is part of the company's pro-environmental strategy.

Lena Lighting has been consistently deepening its commitment to an environmentally friendly business attitude for years. The company has successfully implemented a comprehensive environmental management system, which has been confirmed by the ISO 14001 certificate. The construction of the photovoltaic farm is another measure to care for the environment. Thanks to the investment, Lena Lighting will cover 12% of its annual electricity needs from renewable sources.

It can be said that as a manufacturer of LED lighting, environmental aspects are already inscribed in the nature of our business. LED technology itself, which replaces traditional lighting systems, allows us to generate huge savings in electricity consumption. This in turn translates into a reduction inCO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The benefits for the environment are therefore very large," says Tomasz Wenclawek, Member of the Board of Lena Lighting. However, we are aware that when producing our energy-efficient LED lamps, we must take care not only of their quality and efficiency, but also that the entire manufacturing process and technology do not have a negative impact on the ecosystem. Investment in renewable energy sources is therefore a natural direction of development for us," adds Tomasz Wenclawek.

Lena Lighting's strategy involves pro-environmental involvement in all areas of its business. The production of lamps is carried out in accordance with the RoHS directive, which defines safety standards for electrical equipment, and also based on the REACH regulation, adopted by the European Union to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the dangers that chemicals can pose. In terms of recycling, Lena Lighting cooperates with Biosystem SA, whose mission is to actively protect the environment and support rational waste management activities. The manufacturer also uses the services of Biosystem Elektrorecycling - Organizacja Odzysku Sprzętu Elektrycznego i Elektronicznego SA, which allocates 5% of the net income from this cooperation to educational activities, concerning building environmental awareness and appropriate attitudes in society.

For more information, visit Lena Lighting 's A&B website.

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