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IGP-DURA®xal powder coatings - an aesthetic façade with unique character

12 of February '21

IGP-DURA®xal powder coatings.
The color of modern architecture

The facade of a building is its biggest showcase and is responsible for the first visual impression of the observer. Color, right next to the shape of the block and size, is its primary feature. Chic matte surfaces, like other classics, are still in fashion, although modern facades are often more than subdued elegance.

Stunning facades.
The latest color trends

Color design for buildings today leaves virtually no limits. IGP-DURA®xal 's wide range of powder coatings offers classic, stylish coatings as well as the latest color trends in a deep matte finish. The paint also achieves the appearance of an anodized surface on aluminum, steel and cast metal.

Above-average resistance and unparalleled durability

A facade is also the first protective layer of a building, a key feature of which is resistance to unpredictable weather conditions. The facade coating should meet the highest standards, so that the user enjoys the original appearance of the building for as long as possible. This is why IGP-DURA®xal offers superior durability and color stability. It also features excellent cleanability, which makes maintenance of the coating much easier, increasing its lifespan.

Easy cleaning of facades is also an economic consideration, which is no less important than aesthetics and durability. Powder coating offers many advantages over liquid coating, including saving time and money. The optimized IGP-DURA®xal ("Type L") formulation offers powder coating baking capabilities starting at 180°/20' and has high recovery stability, resulting in a simple and efficient application.

{Image@url=,alt=Ratusz Volketswil,title=Volketswil Town Hall}

Volketswil Town Hall - facade finished with IGP-DURA®xal powder coatings

© IGP Pulvertechnik

IGP-DURA®xal 42 "Type L"

This solution is an advanced development of tested highly weather-resistant, deep-matte powder coatings produced on the basis of acrylic copolymers and UV-resistant pigments. The product has received Qualicoat Class II approval, confirming its exceptional durability. The innovative binder combination provides exceptional gloss retention, excellent coating properties and chemical resistance.

IGP-DURA®xal 4601 "Type L"

Stylish, deep-matte surfaces are also an option for the industrial design and premium sectors. IGP-DURA®xal 4601 "Type L" is an optimized powder coating for outdoor industrial applications requiring weathering resistance. The paint meets the high decorative requirements of objects such as lamp housings, displays, sports equipment, electronic and communication devices.

Quality guarantee for your safety

The ideal facade is a combination of aesthetics, durability and performance of the materials used. The fulfillment of these conditions is guaranteed by attractive and durable coatings. IGP meets these requirements and provides long-term guarantees for specific architectural projects. Powder coatings for industrial design applications offer equally reliable properties, giving a noble appearance to decorative elements.

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