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Rail system in modern interiors - we are taming the rails

04 of December '20

Ardant busbars - lighting in interior design

Until a while ago, track lighting could only be spotted in offices, restaurants or other commercial spaces, but recently it has also been increasingly chosen for domestic arrangements. What has led investors to be convinced to use it in their homes as well? What are the advantages of track lighting and which system is worth choosing for home spaces? You will find the answers below.

Oświetlenie szynowe
w aranżacji wnętrz – model Paulmann © ARDANT

Ardant track lighting in interior design - Paulmann model


When to opt for track lighting?

Here we will focus mainly on practical issues. In what situations can rail lighting help to properly illuminate a space?

1. too few led light points

Regardless of whether the interior is decorated from scratch or renovated. It often happens that the original lighting concept differs drastically from the final one. Even after the installation, it turns out that the interior is not adequately illuminated, and the amount of light is too small. In this case, track lighting is the ideal solution. You can lead a rail of any length from a single point of light, place several or even a dozen lamps on it and enjoy precise illumination of the entire room.

It is worth remembering, however, that the rail is the base of all the lamps on it and, just like a classic chandelier, can work with a single or double switch. It is worth paying attention to this when choosing the right system.

szynowe w aranżacji wnętrz – szynoprzewody Paulmann © ARDANT

Rail lighting in interior design - Paulmann busbars


2. large space - open spaces and zoning with light

A situation encountered primarily in new construction, where often almost the entire first floor is a single open room. Of course, in such cases, the division of lighting into individual zones is key, but you also need to think about practical and effective central lighting. Placing several separate ceiling lamps or chandeliers that are run separately may not pass the test. In contrast, well-planned track lighting can be an excellent lighting base for the entire space. All you need to do is complete a system that matches the shape of the interior and think carefully about the number of light points you need. Usually it is one point for about 60-70cm.

The rail works well as an even lighting of a kitchen with an open dining room or a dining room connected to the living room. This type of lighting makes the space more cohesive.

szynowe w aranżacji wnętrz – szynoprzewód Paulmann z reflektorami i lampami wiszącymi © ARDANT

Rail lighting in interior design - Paulmann rail with spotlights and pendant lamps


3. attics and awkward bevels

Here's another argument in favor of track lighting. Lighting attics is often problematic. Lamps mounted at a slant do not look impressive. Rails solve this problem. Mounted under the ceiling, they allow you to freely adjust the positioning of individual spots and spotlights. A convenient and very aesthetic solution.

For demanding systems, we recommend Shilo and Paulmann brands, which offer a wide range of connectors and accessories that allow you to create a system in any shape.

szynowe w aranżacji wnętrz – czarny zestaw lamp do szynoprzewodów © ARDANT Oświetlenie szynowe w aranżacji wnętrz – model SHILO © ARDANT

Rail lighting in interior design - black set of rail lamps and Shilo model


4. possibility of quick and easy changes in the arrangement

Here we see another reason why rails are so popularly chosen for large and multi-purpose spaces. People who like frequent changes know that rearranging furniture is not a big problem. A more difficult task is to light them properly. Changing electrical installations with each rearrangement is not an option. Here again, busbars are ideal. Distributed throughout the ceiling, they allow you to freely move individual light points so that the most important elements of the arrangement are always perfectly illuminated.

Those who like change will certainly also appreciate the possibility of mounting classic lamps in rails. How is this possible? All you need is the right adapter, which allows you to mount traditional lighting in rails. Such adapters are available from the Paulmann and Spotline brands.

Oświetlenie szynowe
w aranżacji wnętrz – czarne reflektory LED © ARDANT

Rail lighting in interior design - black LED spotlights


When is a 1-phase bus and when is a 3-phase bus?

What's the deal with the phases? The issue is trivially simple. 1-phase systems are activated by a single light switch. No matter how many lamps are placed on the rail, they will all turn on simultaneously. 3-phase systems allow you to divide the lamps and actuate them with a double switch. This allows a long system to be divided into zones.

1-phase system

Works well in cases where there are a small number of points on the rail. It can be a short rail with several spotlights mounted over a table or over a kitchen island. For such tasks we recommend the Nordlux brand and their rail system with modern MIB spotlights. Very practical, but also aesthetically pleasing, looking great in modern arrangements.

3-phase system

This is a good choice for longer, more complex systems to illuminate the entire living room or kitchen with dining room. In this case, the ability to run only part of the lamps will certainly come in handy. We recommend taking an interest in the flagship spotlights for the rail system by Shilo, such as Yabu, Shima and Fussa.

It is worth remembering that several different types of lamp can be mounted on the rail. For example, on the rail system in the kitchen you can mount several spotlights to illuminate the built-ins and a pendant lamp to illuminate the table. Interesting hanging models are available in the URail collection. It is worth noting such models as Pien, Prim and Pom.

Oświetlenie szynowe
w aranżacji wnętrz – model Paulmann, doświetlenie jadalni © ARDANT Oświetlenie szynowe w aranżacji wnętrz – przedpokój © ARDANT

Rail lighting in interior design - dining room and hallway


How to complete a rail set?

When deciding on rail lighting, it is worth remembering that all elements of the system must be from one collection. It is not possible to choose a rail from one manufacturer and match it with lamps from another brand. That's why you should start choosing a system by studying the range of individual lamps. Only after selecting the matching ones can you focus on the selection of individual mounting elements.

Completing a rail system requires a little time and patience. In addition to the lamps and rail, you'll also need a power supply, connectors and a few other components. Those who do not feel confident in this type of task can use the ready-made, simple systems we have prepared. However, if the project requires a more complicated system, we always encourage you to contact us. We will be happy to help you prepare a list of necessary elements for a given system and interior design.

For more information and contact, visit the company's Ardant page on the A&B portal.

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