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Marika Stanislawska - "Touching the world. Air as a sensory stimulator in physiotherapy and rehabilitation".

14 of September '22
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2020
Author: Marika Stanisławska
Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu

Dr. Slawoj Dreszer prof. UAP

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Diploma Architecture".

The modern world is undergoing rapid and remarkable changes. As a society we enjoy the development of civilization, but each change affects the functioning of generations, the social landscape is changing. Technological culture has separated the senses, sight and hearing have become privileged in our society. Spaces, cities, are developing that lack balance in the sensory system. Modern references to the sense of sight deprive tactile gratification. The sense of touch becomes unsatisfied. Touching objects, spaces, images is impossible, which creates a sense of alienation, loss of contact with society and the environment. Living in a technicized world, we feel alienated, lonely.

symulacja zmysłów przez relaks

simulation of the senses through relaxation

© Marika Stanislawska

Living in a sensory void is impossible, our existence would be unconscious. Therefore, it is important to strive for a balance of sensory experience to achieve internal balance, the proper mental and physical state of the body.

atlas emocji, depresja i duma; ilustracja na podstawie map emocji prof. Lauri Nummenmaa atlas emocji, szczęście i złość; ilustracja na podstawie map emocji prof. Lauri Nummenmaa

Atlas of emotions, depression and pride, and happiness and anger; illustration based on Prof. Lauri Nummenmaa's maps of emotions

© Marika Stanislawska

The sense organs play an important role in our lives, they give meaning to things, forming the basis of knowledge about the world. The sensory channels work together to enable us to get a coherent picture of the surrounding world and determine our own place in it. All of our senses "think" and structure a relationship with the world. Through touch we become aware of our own existence in the universe, we discover, read three-dimensionality, texture, shape, temperature. Touch marks the boundary between reality and illusion. What we feel by touch affects our emotions, behavior and physical state. Touch is an extension of all the senses. The sensory system provides a graphic map from which we can read the differences, the degree to which we feel objects and space. Body diagrams allow us to realize our physical self and the neuronal image of three-dimensionality. Using scientific knowledge drawn from neurology and unconventional medicine, I decided to illustrate body diagrams, which will be the basis for designing stimuli to stimulate the sense of touch.

mapa taktylna ciała ilustracja na podstawie schematów anatomicznych izotermy i mapa czucia głębokiego; ilustracja na podstawie schematów anatomicznych

Tactile map of the body, illustration based on anatomical diagrams; isotherms and deep sensory map. illustration based on anatomical diagrams

© Marika Stanislawska

One of the elements is air. It is ubiquitous, constituting the earth's atmosphere surrounding the planet. It is the non-obvious value of touch. The invisible substance in my conception becomes a stimulator of the senses. Being in an open space, we feel the wind flowing over the body, feel it on our cheeks and imagine it outlining an invisible drawing on the skin. This invisible materiality stimulates the sensory receptors. Touch is based on experience and reactivity. Air jet touch therapy will allow integration with the body and the world. The therapeutic power will provide a controlled amount of sensory stimuli, especially touch, and information derived from the environmental situation.

stymulacja zmysłu przez zabawę stymulacja zmysłu przez deprywację

Sensory stimulation through play and deprivation

© Marika Stanislawska

Air impulses are linked to anatomical maps and human tactile and haptic systems. Air stimulation can be used in the form of play, during relaxation in public spaces, but also in physiotherapy offices. The proposed solution can become helpful in receiving signals from the environment or help touch art.

dotykanie sztuki stymulacja zmysłów przez zabawę

Touching art and stimulating the senses through play

© Marika Stanislawska


Illustrations: © Author

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