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Doors for every interior. Get to know the Inovo and Uppsala collections

22 of July '22

Interior doors are an extremely important part of any home - they organize space, protect privacy and complement interiors. They can function as decoration, but also as a neatly tailored backdrop that will illuminate the room, quiet it and help keep escaping heat inside.

Marka VOX oferuje drzwi wewnętrzne stworzone we współpracy z najlepszymi producentami

The VOX brand offers interior doors created in cooperation with the best manufacturers


The VOX brand offers fourteen collections of interior doors. The variety of materials, colors and forms allows them to perfectly match any type of room. An example of combining functionality with aesthetics are Inovo and Uppsala doors.

A way to an elegant interior

Inovo is a solidly made door. They are distinguished by the exceptional thickness of the inner frame, that is, the filling of the door leaf, which is 38 mm, while the standard is 18 mm. This influences the solidity of the door structure, thanks to which it will stand in good shape for many years, will not warp or bend. Thicker inner filling provides better sound insulation - the apartment remains soundproofed, which is important for the sense of privacy and comfort. The parameters of thermal insulation are also strengthened, allowing to maintain a specific temperature in the room.

Grubsze wypełnienie wewnętrzne zapewnia drzwiom Inovo lepsze parametry akustyczne i izolację cieplną

Thicker inner filling provides Inovo doors with better acoustic and thermal insulation parameters


Thanks to its universal design, Inovo door can be used in all domestic spaces - bedroom, children's room, home office, living room, dining room, bathroom or kitchen. Inovo allows even better adaptation to the interiors taking into account the needs of the user - both in terms of color, as well as the size of the glass and its layout.

Wpadające przez poziome przeszklenia światło daje ciekawy  efekt wizualny

The light coming in through the horizontal glazing gives an interesting visual effect


Back to the classics

The Uppsala collection is distinguished by a rare vertical arrangement of lines, which refers to classic doors made of simple elements. Interesting glazing joints allow more lightness and give the door a different character. Uppsala doors can be ordered in both rebated and non-rebated versions, in which the leaf forms a smooth surface with the frame, and the hinges remain hidden and almost invisible after closing.

Drzwi Uppsala są wyjątkowe w swojej prostocie.

Uppsala doors are unique in their simplicity.


Uppsala comes in as many as seven colors to choose from - four referring to natural oak shades, as well as black and white. The latter deserves special attention. White brightens the interior and optically enlarges it. It is a timeless solution that brings a sense of order and harmony to the apartment.

Uppsala wyróżniają się nietypowym i rzadko spotykanym pionowym układem linii

Uppsala is distinguished by an unusual and rare vertical arrangement of lines


It's the effect that counts

Both collections are distinguished by glazed lines, through which you can see the light lit inside the rooms. By choosing the colors of the glass appropriately, one can achieve stylistically interesting effects. Inovo has four variants of glazing to choose from and an original detail in the form of rounded edges at the panes, which is both a decoration and a great convenience when cleaning the sash.

Oryginalny detal w postaci zaokrąglonych krawędzi przy szybach ułatwia czyszczenie drzwi Inovo z kurzu

The original detail in the form of rounded edges at the panes makes it easier to clean Inovo doors of dust


Uppsala, on the other hand, has vertical glazing available in two shades - white matte and black matte, which perfectly complements the sash in both the black shade and the white shade, providing an interesting visual contrast. The door is also available in full version - without glazing.

Szyby w odcieniu Czarny Mat ciekawie komponują się z drzwiami w białym odcieniu

Glazing in the Black Mat shade matches interestingly with the door in the white shade


The interior doors in the VOX offer were created in cooperation with the best manufacturers. Veneer patterns are available in the showrooms, and the consultants present will help configure the doors and inform about the delivery dates of the various collections.

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