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New city sports square now available to residents

21 of July '22

TheArsenal City Hall Sports Square has been opened to Warsaw residents. Located at a busy intersection, the new public space provides an oasis of relaxation in greenery and a place for street sports.

Skwer sportów Skwer sportów

Sports square near the Ratusz Arsenal subway station

photo by K. Babicki / UM Warszawa

The green square was created next to the Ratusz Arsenal subway station, in the center of the capital. Its design was created primarily for people who practice urban sports. You can practice skateboarding, scootering or rollerblading on the walls. Sports activities will also be facilitated by a hardened surface on some of the alleys, while others are made of water-permeable mineral-resin pavement. A set of calisthenics equipment was installed near Krasinski Garden.

not only sports

Skwer sportów Skwer sportów

places for rest

photo by K. Babicki / UM Warszawa

However, rest in the city sports square will also be possible in a less active form. Many places of relaxation have been realized here - wooden terraces, benches and deckchairs allow you to rest in the central part, and thanks to new plantings on the side of Andersa street you can get away from the big-city hustle and bustle. Twenty-four deciduous trees and several thousand shrubs have been planted here - yews, irises, Sabine junipers, white dogwoods, Japanese taverns, dwarf plum. The plant composition is complemented by perennials - mossy sage, purple coneflower, garden divan - and grasses: turf snail, hollyhocks, Japanese clematis.

thanks to the residents



photo ZZW / JAKABE

The square would not have been created if it were not for the involvement of residents and community activists - it won the vote in the civic budget. The project was commissioned by the capital's Greenery Board from the architectural studio JAKABE Projekty (more about the project itself in an article on our portal) with the participation of the local community, sports enthusiasts and the Urban Sports Square Foundation. This is the third such investment carried out by ZZW. Similar projects - combining sports and recreation amidst greenery - have been created at the Centrum Nauki Kopernik and Świętokrzyska subway stations.

Skwer sportów miejskich

square in Warsaw

photo by K. Babicki / UM Warszawa

compiled by:
Kacper Kępiński

The vote has already been cast