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Modernist office building a new hotel in the center of Krakow?

27 of May '20

The distinctive office building standing near Jubilat at 5 Morawskiego Street is one of the largest modernist buildings of its kind in Krakow. Today it may become a hotel - due to the COVID-19pandemic, the investor is still waiting with a final decision.

Currently, the building houses the headquarters of Biprocemwap, a company that designs, among other things, cement plants, lime plants, gypsum plants and projects for the mining industry. Last year, the company was purchased by investment office TDJ. This event inaugurated the design work.

The building at 5 Morawskiego Street was built in 1959-1966, with Prof. Wojciech Bulinski, who also worked with Natalia Stanko and Zbigniew Zulawinski, responsible for its design. Today it is listed in the municipal register of monuments. The edifice is adapted for office work - it will accommodate about 1,200 people.

Adjacent to the "bent" office building are Novotel and Ibis. The location is, from a hotel point of view, very attractive. However, residents of the area express their skepticism and dissatisfaction with such a future for the building. The development around the office building is very dense. An additional hotel operating around the clock, tourists, cars and buses could make living in the area extremely inconvenient.

In addition, adapting the building to its new function can be not only expensive, but also very problematic. The new hotel standards are very different from the technical conditions of buildings of the 1950s and 1960s.

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