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Monika Komorowska - architect and sociologist in the series Awakenings

09 of December '20

Tomorrow, as every Thursday, we invite you to join us for morning coffee at the Wake Up Together - a series of conversations about the beginnings of careers, study time and childhood with well-known people from the creative industry. The talks are carried out as part of the Street Cloud project organized by the anti-RAMA collective.

In the next installment of Awakenings (on 10.12 at 9:00 a.m.), Łukasz Harat will talk with Monika Komorowska, an architect and sociologist, who will discuss how to become a civil servant from a social activist, how to use participatory processes in urban planning, as well as how to trigger in people the need to decide about their immediate surroundings.

You can see the wake-up call here:

Monika Komorowska - sociologist (Institute of Applied Social Sciences, UW) and architect (Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology) working on the borderline between the two fields. Since 2007 she has been involved in social participation and interdisciplinary urban projects. She co-founded the Association for Improving the Quality of the Residential Environment "Unblock", and is also the originator and co-author of the project and publication "Plan to Plan. Participation in local planning". Currently in the Department of Dialogue in Planning at the Office of the City Architect in Warsaw, she is responsible, among other things, for public consultations, the Architectural Award of the President of the City of Warsaw and the ZODIAK Warsaw Architecture Pavilion.

compiled by:
Ola Kloc

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