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Moving murals - mapping on Wroclaw tenements. 2nd edition of Kinomural!

03 of July '20

Already in September Wroclaw tenements will shine in the light of projectors! Kinomural is an event on the borderline of visual arts and film. As in the case of the first edition, this year's event will also feature works by artists from all over the world. The program includes video art, performance, experimental cinema and, of course, something for children, i.e. kinomurals for the youngest.

On September 19, Wroclaw will once again turn into a large-format art gallery. Through the second edition of Kinomural on the Nadodrze, we will see, among other things, works created in cooperation with Wroclaw's Academy of Fine Arts and a renowned art college from Chicago. The program also includes "Dobranocka", or cinemomurals for the youngest.

The epidemic situation verified our plans, but fortunately, thanks to the City of Wroclaw, this year we will be able to organize a wonderful evening with screenings not of this earth. On Saturday, September 19, we meet for the second time in Wroclaw's Nadodrze district , " says Bartek Bartos, one of the originators of the Kinomural. The beautiful Nadodrze townhouses, marked by history, offer excellent projection possibilities. - We want to give people really a lot of fun. We all need experiences that will disenchant - if only for a moment - the difficult reality of the epidemic ," adds Bartos.

Kinomural we Wrocławiu. Wrzesień 2020

Students of the Faculty of Graphics and Media Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw have been working on the murals, which will appear on the walls of the townhouses, for several months.

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As during the first edition of the event, we will see works by artists from all over the world. This edition, however, is one of the exceptional ones in terms of artistic collaborations. Students of the Faculty of Graphics and Media Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw have been working for several months on the murals that will appear on the walls of the townhouses .

We are also working with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago - this is one of the most important art schools in the US ," reveals Piotr Bartos, responsible for cooperation with the universities.

In Wroclaw we will see the results of the students' work, supervised by the esteemed American artist Peter Burr.

This year's program also includes a new section - just after dark, "Dobranocka" - moving murals for the youngest participants of the event - will appear on the walls of the townhouses.

During the first edition of the cinema-murals in Nadodrze, more than 10,000 people watched. The large-format projections included various forms such as video art, performance, experimental cinema, as well as audiovisual installations using virtual reality and 3D technology, among others. The originators of the project are Bartek, Agata and Piotr Bartos.

Kinomural we Wrocławiu. Maping na wrocławskich kamienicach

During the first edition of Kinomurals in Nadodrze was seen by more than 10,000 people

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