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Jaga Climate Designers multifunctional devices

04 of November '19

Jaga Climate Designers are heaters that precisely and economically provide climate comfort all year round, winter and summer. The multifunctional devices heat, cool and ventilate rooms in a controlled manner while taking care of the environment.

Jaga Climate Designers' overarching goal is to provide a better indoor climate without harming the outdoor climate. Indoor comfort is our personal comfort, outdoor comfort is the comfort common to all life on the Planet. Both are equally important to Jaga. Climate Designers radiators are designed to work with the most environmentally friendly, energy-saving technologies such as heat pumps and solar energy. The lightweight Low-H2O radiators function excellently at the lowest flow temperatures, automatically switch between heating and cooling, and work with intelligent ventilation systems. All Jaga Climate Designers provide the best indoor climate with installations that require no combustion (boiler). The lack of fire means that Jaga radiators effectively help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The use of recyclable materials and the high quality and longevity of the radiators (30-year warranty on the heat exchanger) are also an expression of the manufacturer's concern for the welfare of the Planet.

"Convector" Jaga has never been an ordinary radiator. At the root of its creation is the search for the most optimal, efficient and economical heating technology. In 1962. Jaga developed its own radiators, which were efficient, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing thanks to the low-H2O water capacity exchanger. The development of the radiators was preceded by years of research work by engineers and heating specialists, and the Low-H2O exchanger, put into mass production in 1966, is the heart of Jaga's current and future heating solutions. Despite the passage of more than 50 years, the Low-H2O exchanger is still a technologically superior, state-of-the-art solution that is unrivaled in terms of dynamic performance, efficiency and economy. The possibility of using it in various types of enclosures and installing it in floor ducts, as well as combining it with new systems developed by the company (e.g., DBE, Fresh, Oxygen) have made the Jaga radiator a complete heating, cooling and ventilation system. It is the present and future of energy-efficient heating.

Jaga Climate Designers are a group of radiators that precisely and economically provide climate comfort all year round, winter and summer. Multifunctional devices controllably heat, cool and ventilate rooms to ensure the best possible comfort. These include Briza and Strada wall heaters with the DBE-PRO system, Clima Canal and Quatro Canal duct heaters with air-conditioning function, Freedom Clima standing radiator with active cooling option, and Fresh and Oxygen systems that, in addition to heating and cooling, take care of air quality in homes, offices, schools and hospitals.

One device instead of three different ones is a gain for the user in the form of a lower purchase expense, space savings and reduced operating and service costs. It's also a tangible gain for the Planet - less consumption of manufacturing materials and easier and cheaper recycling, the sum of which is a smaller environmental footprint.

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