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The perfect garden table? Meet RodTab by Anna Andrzejewska

30 of September '20

{Student}, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, created a multifunctional garden table that responds to the needs of allotment holders. RodTab makes it easy to prepare dishes from fruits and vegetables harvested on the allotment and to celebrate meals together.

RodTab project presentation

© Anna Andrzejewska

Made of birch plywood, the table is an ideal piece of garden furniture. One of its main advantages is the wooden profiles of the top, which fold together. The rotating tops create two heights. The first height is 92 cm and is designed for active time spent preparing meals, while the second height is 67 cm and is ideal for celebrating meals with loved ones. The table is complemented by a variety of stackable containers and a gutter, which will come in handy when washing fruits and vegetables. The furniture can be easily folded and stowed away when the summer season is over.

Stół RodTab po

The table is made of birch plywood

© Anna Andrzejewska

Dobrawa Bies: How did the idea for the design of this object come about?

Anna Andrzejewska: I think it was born from a human need, the most important thing for me were the functions, which I dressed up in form. I like to design objects that can be customized. I'm interested in kinetics. In my bachelor's thesis you can also see its influence. I opted for a strong personalization of the furniture, which resulted in the ROTO desk being widely commented on around the world.

Dobrawa Bies: What was your main inspiration?

Anna Andrzejewska: My inspiration is always people and their needs. We are different, so I try to leave a part that can be transformed at will. My works invite the viewer to play with design, change and create their own ideal space.

RodTab, aksonometria

rotating tops create two heights

© Anna Andrzejewska

Dobrawa Bies: Who are the users of RodTab?

Anna Andrzejewska: Ultimately, the project was to target allotment holders who are in their gardens during spring and summer. RodTab makes it easier to process your own crops, which is very important to me. Already during the photo shoot I was surprised by the very high interest in the table. I heard repeated questions about where to buy it, because it would also be useful for a home garden. I think this project is for all those who appreciate multifunctionality.

Dobrawa Bies: What were the design difficulties, and what are you most satisfied with?

Anna Andrzejewska: The hardest part was combining all my expectations. I wanted to create a table of a large size that has two heights for standing and sitting, is foldable and has several other functions for working and celebrating meals in the plot. In the end, I'm very happy with the result, the way it all came together.

The RodTab project was created in the Department of Design as part of the thesis under the direction of Prof. Jan Kukuła. The work won second place in this year's 16th edition of the competition of the President of Wroclaw entitled "Wroclaw Magnolia. "Wroclaw Magnolia" for the best diploma theses of Wroclaw universities, which deal with the broadly understood improvement of the quality of life of residents.

Dobrawa Bies

illustrations courtesy of Anna Andrzejewska

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