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We know the winners of the 2019 SARP OW Diploma of the Year competition!

Dobrawa Bies
01 of October '20

At the end of September, presentations of engineering and master's theses of the finalists of the OW SARP Diploma of the Year 2019 competition were held. The jury awarded the title of Diploma of the Year and three honorable mentions in each category.

Students and graduates of the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology presented their diploma works on September 29 at the headquarters of OW SARP at 2 Foksal Street.
The jury composed of: Daniel Frąc (chairman), Ewa P. Porębska, Michal Owadowicz, Jan Belina-Brzozowski, Michal Tatjewski, Barbara Hijewska (secretary of the competition), Marta Sękulska-Wrońska (without the right to vote on the evaluation of master's theses), after listening to the presentations, holding a discussion and conducting a vote, selected the winners in the category of engineering thesis and master's thesis.

awarded engineering works

 Dyplom Roku SARP OW 2019 w kategorii praca inżynierska

OW SARP Diploma of the Year 2019, engineering work

© Karol Perkowski

TheOW S ARP Diploma of the Year 2019 in the category of engineering work was awarded to Karol Perkowski for his work entitled. "Pump room of spa waters in Komańcza". You can read about the project in the article Spa and Pump Room in the Low Beskids.

Wyróżnienie I stopnia, Beata Momot

distinction of first degree, engineering thesis

© Beata Momot

The jury also awarded first degree honorable mentions toBeata Momot for her work entitled. "A residential house in Warsaw. Reflections on Domesticity in Contemporary Habitation" and Nikodem Slomczynski for his thesis titled "Osada Burego Misia W Dolinie Będkowskiej".

Wyróżnienie I stopnia, Nikodem Słomczyński

1st degree distinction, engineering thesis

© Nikodem Slomczynski

Nadia Sajjad received a second-degree honorable mention for "A bicycle and canoe tourism center combined with a nursing home for the elderly in Józefów nad Świdrem". We wrote about the work in the article " With an aging society in mind. A new look at nursing homes.

Wyróżnienie II stopnia Nadia Sajjad

honorable mention second degree, engineering thesis

© Nadia Sajjad

awarded master's theses

Dyplom Roku SARP OW 2019 w kategorii praca magisterska

Diploma of the Year SARP OW 2019 in the category of master's thesis.

© Leszek Czaja

TheOW SARP Dipl oma of the Year 2019 in the Master Thesis category was awarded to Leszek Cz aja for his work entitled. "Gardens of the future - metamorphosis of family allotment gardens on the example of ROD Obrońców Pokoju on Odyńca Street in Warsaw".

Wyróżnienie I stopnia praca mgr

distinction of first degree, master's thesis

© Anna Kowalik

The jury awarded a first degree honorable mention to the thesis entitled. "Architecture of Concentration. Monastery retreat center in Sulejów" by Anna Kowalik. Read more about the project in this publication.

honorable mention 1st degree, master's thesis

© Maciej Sokół

Maciej Sokol author of the thesis titled. "Architecture of shelter - at the intersection of the needs of the individual and the community in conditions of isolation. The design of a polar station in Spitsbergen" also received a 1st degree honorable mention.

Wyróżnienie II stopnia praca mgr

2nd degree honorable mention, master's thesis

© Kinga Butlewska

Kinga Butlewska received a Second Degree Honorable Mention for "Redefining the concept of "urban quality of life" in a post-industrial city on the example of Lodz." We wrote about the project in a publication titled ReCITY.

The results of the nationwide SARP Diploma of the Year competition will be known on October 9!


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