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Inez Serviewicz - "Woven in Space. The language of matter in the space of time"

Dobrawa Bies
01 of October '20
Technical data
Type: undergraduate thesis
Year of defense: 2019
Name: "Woven in space. The language of matter in the space of time. Project of partial adaptation of the space of the Red Barracks - Łąkowa 59 in Gdańsk for interiors of a co-work character".
Author: Inez Sluziewicz

Prof. ASP Dr. Anna Wejkowska-Lipska

The diploma project covered four floors of the Red Barracks building, which were assigned to four students from the 2nd Studio of Fundamentals of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Each of us was in charge of one floor with specific objectives, these were: a floor for people working independently, individually, a floor intended for group work, a floor intended for branches of two companies, and a floor with conference rooms. An important motif of our designs was the individual interpretation of the main slogan "Woven in space," as well as reference to the work of a selected Bauhaus woman.

Wnętrze przestrzeni

visualization of coworking space

© Inez Sluziewicz

When designing an architectural space, we use a huge range of available materials. Their selection depends on the specifics of the interior, the character the designer would like to achieve, but also the investor. The designer weaves a certain structure that shapes the environment. He can use it in the context of an already existing object, or complement with it the existing architectural fabric, which due to the passage of time has become defective or incomplete. The author creates something multidimensional, which by combining various structures contains a variety of stimuli and moves the senses.

Rzut przestrzeni

projection of the designed space

© Inez Sluziewicz

woven in space

"Woven in space." This phrase can be interpreted literally as weaving, braiding in architectural space. Through a specific design intention, we give it new values and, as I mentioned earlier, complement it. After much consideration, I would like to give the statement "woven in space" the meaning of interpreting a form that becomes a complement to the existing architectural space. With respect for what we found and with the introduction of new spatial values. I treated the interior design like a fabric that needs a new stitch. Its structure can be varied, which will affect the haptics and, in the context of time, give it a broader and more emotional appeal.

Przekrój przestrzeni

The main idea was to touch the existing architectural space with two materials, brick and fabric

© Inez Sluziewicz

co-working space

The diploma project fulfills the function of a co-working space, with an emphasis on the possibility of renting out certain rooms to people working together in different ways, in the idea of collaborative consumption. The main idea in shaping the interior was precisely to complement, to touch the existing architectural space with two materials, brick and fabric.

Przestrzeń do pracy

The contemporary brick shapes used in the project are intended to smooth out the irregular interiors

© Inez Sluziewicz

The contemporary brick shapes used in the project are designed to smooth out irregular interiors. The fabric, on the other hand, thanks to the author's braiding and stretching of the fibers on the created frame, creates a translucent, enveloping, as well as geometrizing layer of matter on the walls that allows one to see the old brick behind it. Also an important motif in the project is the photography of one of the Bauhaus women, Lucia Moholy. The chiaroscuro effect inspired by her work interestingly complements the whole designed space.

The diploma is the first to be published as part of the Best Diploma - Interiors competition.

Inez Sluziewicz

© Author

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