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Museum of Photography with new headquarters on Rakowicka Street!

26 of January '22

The new headquarters of the Museum of Photography in Krakow opened on December 4, 2021. The former Armory has been adapted to the needs of a modern museum facility after two years of construction work.

nową siedzibę główną MuFo otwarto 4 grudnia 2021 roku

MuFo's new headquarters opened on December 4, 2021

photo by Dorota Marta, © Museum of Photography press materials

We wrote about the new MuFo facility on the occasion of the museum's competition for the design of the main exhibition space in the Architecture&Business issue of Great Projects. We reported on the progress of construction work in May 2020.

MuFo on Rakowicka Street!

Purchased by the city of Krakow from the Military Property Agency, the historic armory building needed reconstruction. The purchase was made with the idea of a new headquarters for the Museum of Photography. The building required extensive reconstruction with the need to enlarge its volume.

The completed project was developed by Marek Pabich of the Lachman Pabich Architects studio in Lodz, working directly with the then Malopolska Regional Monument Conservator. The creation of the building and detailed design based on Marek Pabich's concept was entrusted to the Kontrapunkt Design Team.

pawilon szklany od wewnątrz

The adaptation was developed by Lachman Pabich Architects from Lodz.

Photo: Dorota Marta, © Press materials of the Museum of Photography

Architect Marek Pabich decided that a light and modern pavilion would stand in front of the characteristic brick building, corresponding with the historic architecture of the Armory. The roof of the historic building was raised by one meter, providing the upstairs rooms with natural light along with the possibility of arranging a library with a reading room on the first floor. Exhibition and office space has been located in the former armory. Educational and conference rooms and a checkroom have been placed underground. The new premises are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

new opportunities

Thanks to the implementation of the reconstruction of the former Armory, it was possible to create space for MuFo' s headquarters. The expansion increased the amount of usable space by one thousand three hundred cubic meters. The new museum space will accommodate both the main exhibition and temporary exhibition hall, administrative and office space, a cafeteria, a bookstore, conference and educational rooms, as well as a library, which is to be accessible to all.

szklany pawilon dołączony do zabytkowej części

Glass pavilion attached to the historic section

Photo by Dorota Marta, © Museum of Photography press materials

The library collection of the Museum of Photography numbers nearly twenty-eight thousand items. The new headquarters of the institution will allow not only to provide excellent conditions for storing exhibits, but also to provide adequate access to them. Books, primarily literature on the history and theory of photography and album publications will be in open access in the new room.

The museum is already hosting its first temporary exhibition under the title Here There Was a Change, accompanied by a publication. In the first quarter of 2022, MuFo's main exhibition titled What Does a Photo Do? will be made available.

nowa biblioteka dostępna dla każdego

new library available to everyone

Photo by Dorota Marta, © Press materials of the Museum of Photography

compiled by Wiktor Bochenek

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