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New GreenCoat RWS - for high-quality, sustainable gutter systems

23 of May '21

With an eye on the growing global demand for sustainable building materials that also provide better performance, SSAB is expanding its range of GreenCoat® organic-coated ste els for gutter systems with the introduction of GreenCoat RWS Pro BT with a beautiful matte finish. The steel has a biotechnology-based (BT) coating, using Swedish rapeseed oil instead of petroleum-based compounds, and is a unique solution on the market.

When it rains, it pours like hell. GreenCoat RWS products for gutter systems are able to withstand the heaviest rainfall and storms with minimal maintenance, while looking great. They are supplied in a wide selection of colors and gloss options.

GreenCoat RWS organic-coated steels from SSAB offer beautiful aesthetics, high quality and environmental benefits for semi-circular and rectangular gutter systems. Thanks to their double-sided coating system, they provide excellent protection against corrosion (RC5) and mechanical wear, even in the harshest weather conditions. They also offer a high degree of flexibility and formability, allowing them to be shaped in virtually any way.

 GreenCoat RWS Pro BT jest łatwy w konserwacji i efektywny kosztowo

GreenCoat RWS Pro BT is easy to maintain and cost-effective throughout its life cycle.
It offers an excellent matte appearance, meeting the high aesthetic requirement for gutter systems

sustainable construction

Current construction trends show a growing demand for sustainable materialGreenCoat RWS Pro BT is easy to maintain and cost-effective throughout its life cycle. It offers an excellent matte appearance, meeting the high aesthetic requirement for gutter systemsy. In line with these trends and their growing popularity worldwide, the new GreenCoat RWS Pro BT provides contractors with a level of sustainability unmatched in the market, thanks to the use of significant amounts of Swedish rapeseed oil instead of fossil compounds in the coating. The result is high performance, easy molding and easy maintenance of the product.

Steel is one of the few materials that offer 100% recyclability. This means it can be effectively used many times without losing its properties and performance, and without creating harmful waste. Steel is also reusable for the same or new applications, making it an ideal choice for economical and sustainable gutter systems.

Sustainability is no longer the choice of architects and contractors. With our high-quality, organic-coated GreenCoat® steels, we provide the most sustainable products with the best technical properties for the construction industry," says Olavi Huhtala, vice president of SSAB Europe at SSAB Group.

developing together with partners

GreenCoat RWS Pro BT steel is the result of extensive collaboration in product development, including customer feedback, tracking research results and using the expertise of our partners. The result is a product that realizes the idea of providing high performance in line with an ecological approach. The following partners were involved in the project: Ruukki Construction (Finland), Plannja AB (Sweden), Lindab AB (Sweden), Budmat Bogdan Więcek (Poland) and Bratex Dachy (Poland).

GreenCoat RWS organic-coated steels meet the requirements of REACH and are completely chromate-free.

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For additional information, please contact Przemyslaw Becinski, Sales Manager, SSAB,

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