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NEW IRON - prestigious apartment building in the center of Łódź

12 of January '24

The modern, exclusive and thoroughly elegant NEW IRON apartment building with an extremely impressive body under construction at 22 Struga Street in Łódź has already become one of the symbols of the city and its dynamic development. It is not only an exceptional place to live, but also a great investment of capital. We talk about this prestigious building with Piotr Leśniak, CEO of Bona Fide Development, which is developing this unusual investment.

Who is most likely to buy premium apartments in Poland. Who are the future residents of NEW IRON?

Piotr Lesniak: According to various surveys, a great many Poles are investing in premium real estate. In our country we have a large group of people who have achieved success in international business, IT, medicine and science, which also translates into much higher incomes. They travel a lot around the world, look at different solutions, are interested in ecology, want to take care of their children's future, so they look for properties that meet the requirements of the modern world and are at the same time a national showcase of their success. A property like NEW IRON is also a great capital investment. Premium apartments, unlike units in the popular segment, are immune to both the market crisis and the passage of time. They gain in value at least ten percent a year.

So buying an apartment in Lodz's prestigious NEW IRON can be considered an excellent capital investment?

Piotr Lesniak: Yes, as I have already mentioned, properties of this type never lose their value. Luxury apartments are increasing in Lodz, but let's remember that they will always be only a small part of the real estate market. Lodz is becoming a really great place to invest in premium apartments. First, because of its convenient location in the heart of Poland, with a ring of highways in every direction. Secondly, it is one of the fastest growing cities in Poland, with an extremely rich history as a city of four cultures. Third, the city's authorities make sure that there is no shortage of attractive cultural and sports events. Fourth, Lodz is home to many multinational corporations with excellent executives who, even when they come to the city for a few months, after all, have to live somewhere. Why not in NEW IRON, the most distinctive building in the heart of the city. Such a business apartment can be used in many ways, not only residential, it can also host intimate business meetings.

Lodz's NEW IRON is often compared to New York's Flatiron. Is it rightly so?

Piotr Lesniak: Certainly their common feature is their shape, and this is due to the plot of land on which both buildings have been placed. They are precisely triangular in shape. They undoubtedly have one more thing in common - they are both one-of-a-kind, iconic and unique. The Flatiron in New York was built in the early twentieth century, in 1902 to be exact, as an office building, and is currently undergoing adaptation into an exclusive apartment building. Lodz's NEW IRON was designed from the very beginning as a unique apartment building. So we will certainly be the first residential building with such an unusual shape. Our tenants will be able to move in already this year, Flatiron as an apartment building is expected to be ready in three years.

How many lucky people will be able to live in the prestigious NEW IRON?

Piotr Lesniak: There was a choice, as we have already sold some, of thirty-seven apartments ranging in size from 42 to 83 sqm with large terraces and spacious two-story interiors from 75 sqm to 125 sqm. In addition, exclusive penthouses with areas from 142 sqm to 220 sqm located in a glass tower with a separate elevator. The largest of them with private access to a terrace.

Has it sold out yet?

Piotr Lesniak: Yes, a 220 sqm apartment has already been sold for more than four million zlotys. This is one of the highest residential transactions in Lodz. It occupies as many as three floors in a glass tower and has its own roof terrace. The future tenants, deciding to buy it, concluded that it is such a unique building that surely no similar building will ever be built in Lodz again.

Do all the apartments in the glass corner already have owners?

Piotr Leśniak: We still have two left, including one on the second floor, which as well as a residential function can also serve as an exclusive office.

What amenities can residents count on?

As befits a premium building, on the first floor there is a large lobby with a spacious, extremely elegant space for a concierge, who will provide residents with support in various matters. On the roof of the building a part of the terrace has been set aside for spending time together. How it will be developed will be decided by future residents. The lower level, where the lobby is located, is lined with stone and elegant wood, by the way, these elements appear on each floor of the staircase. In the underground parking lot, a charger for electric cars will be installed, and there will also be a functional bicycle room. The building is, of course, monitored, and each apartment will feature smart home systems, air conditioning and underfloor heating systems in the bathrooms. It's worth mentioning, by the way, that the apartments are three meters high. Of course, there is an underground garage, and a two-story one at that. We have more spaces in it than the apartments on sale. Also, we don't foresee any problems with parking.

Who designed this luxurious and prestigious building?

Award-winning architect Marcin Tomaszewski of Reform Architekt is responsible for the building's design. His projects not only surprise with their form, architectural and visual concept, but also win awards internationally. In the European Property Awards 2020-2021, which is part of the International Property Awards, one of the largest and most important plebiscites in the commercial and residential real estate industry, among the best architectural projects from all over Europe were as many as two by Marcin Tomaszewski - RE: LAKESIDE HOUSE and RE: MIRROR HOUSE 3.0. We hope that soon NEW IRON will also be among the winners of the best architectural projects, because it definitely deserves it.

Lodz, 30a Tymienieckiego St.
tel: 664 144 146

Investment address:
Lodz, 22 Struga St.

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