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New Baris Square lamps from Lena Lighting

30 of November '22

Modern design, wide arrangement possibilities and energy efficiency - these are the features of the new line of Baris Square LED lamps from leading lighting systems manufacturer Lena Lighting. The luminaires with a classic square shape are distinguished by their high luminous efficiency, as well as a variety of available sizes, which allows the creation of ceiling-mounted, decorative compositions.

Baris Square is a new version of the well-known Baris light fixtures from Lena Lighting. This time, however, the brand's designers have come up with a completely new square shape, which fits perfectly into spaces maintained in a modern style. Thus,Baris Square 40 LED and Baris Square 52 LED will work well as the main source of light in hotel rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, as well as in modern office buildings.

Nowe lampy Baris Square

New line of Baris Square LED lamps

© Lena Lighting

We designed our new lamps with representative interiors in mind, where not only adequate lighting, but also aesthetics play a big role. The square shape of the lampshades, from which light is emitted in two color temperatures, as well as a total of seven different sizes, provides enormous design possibilities. The issue of light efficiency is also not without significance, especially in the face of rising prices for electricity consumption. The Baris family of lamps is a guarantee of energy efficiency while maintaining excellent light parameters," says Marzena Lesinska, Marketing Representative of Lena Lighting.

Lamps in the Baris line have prismatic or milky shades and are equipped with efficient LED modules emitting color in two color temperatures: 3000 and 4000 K. The body of the Baris Square LED lamps itself comes in three basic neutral colors: white, black and gray. However, it is possible to choose any color from the RAL palette on request.

Baris Square 40

Baris Square 40

© Lena Lighting

Baris Square 40 is available in three impressive sizes (600×600 mm, 880×880 mm and 1160×1160 mm), while Baris Square 52 is available in four (610×610 mm, 890×890 mm, 1170×1170 mm and 1450 mm×1450 mm).

The lamps can be freely combined to create unique decorative and lighting effects. Adjustable lengths of the overhangs allow even more variety in the ceiling composition, which will not only provide excellent lighting to the room, but also attract the eyes of the users.

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