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CEMEX Building Award 2022 for Polish project

30 of November '22

The Chwaliszewo Residence in Poznań has won a place on the podium in the 31st CEMEX Building Award 2022 in the residential construction category. The presentation of awards in this prestigious competition took place on November 3 in Mexico City.

The CEMEX Building Award competition has been held since 1991, and the jury awards the most innovative and creative construction projects from around the world that use the best and environmentally friendly technological solutions. The award ceremony for the 31st edition of the competition was held on November 3 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Polanco in the Mexican capital. It was during it that the winners and the best projects were presented.

In this year's edition, three Polish projects were among the finalists, while one of them won third place in its category. It is the Chwaliszewo residence from Poznań. The other finalists are the Anna Jagiellonka Bridge in Warsaw (known as the South Bridge) in the "infrastructure" category and the DECO STONE decorative concrete pavement in Gubałówka, in the "public space" category.

The Chwaliszewo Residence in Poznań is a five-story residential building that uses the best solutions of contemporary architecture. For its construction, 6,000m3 of concrete were used, including DECO ARCH, Promptis and XtraBET. Thanks to the architectural solutions used, it was possible to create an elegant space filled with light, with attention to greenery, and at the same time functional and alluding in its form to the old construction of the district. The building was designed by architect Piotr Borkowski, and the investor was Atal SA.

- It is with great satisfaction that we accept the award in the prestigious CEMEX Building Award competition. It is a source of pride for us, given the reputation and international scope of the competition. I am extremely pleased that the project under the ATAL brand has gained the recognition of the jury, composed of industry experts," says Zbigniew Juroszek, president of ATAL SA. - The awarded title confirms the class of the Rezydencja Chwaliszewo investment, full of modern solutions and designed in the spirit of contemporary design. It is also a tribute to all those who contributed to the realization of this project," adds the president.

- The presence of three Polish projects in the finals of the CEMEX Building Award is a recognition of Polish technological and architectural thought. The products from the CEMEX range used in all the projects are characterized by excellent properties, multiple applications and the highest quality, of which we are proud," says Michal Grys, Director of the Materials Division at CEMEX Poland.

The CEMEX Building Award competition is divided into two editions. One is exclusively for projects in Mexico, while the other, international, is open to construction projects from around the world. The jury selects finalists in several categories: single-family and multi-family construction, public buildings, public space and infrastructure. Special awards are also given for projects in the field of sustainable construction, or universal infrastructure accessibility.

For more information, visit the company's CEMEX Polska Sp. z o.o. page on theA&B portal.

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