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A new look at modernism. Lemon Resort Spa in Gródek nad Dunajcem

04 of December '20
Technical data
Name: Lemon Resort Spa
Investor: Nocturne Developer.
Location: Poland, Gródek nad Dunajcem
Plot area: 4.5 ha


  • project
  • implementation


Located in the heart of the Rożnowskie Foothills, the small town of Gródek nad Dunajcem, in addition to a captivating landscape combining mountain scenery with the surface of Lake Rożnowskie reaching to the horizon, hides a unique facility. Located on a promontory cutting into the lake is the boutique hotel Lemon Resort Spa, representing Polish post-war modernist architecture.

The history of the building begins in the 1970s. Architect Lech Skirzynski designs a modernist resort. After five years of construction, a resort along the lines of a small estate is built, consisting of 47 individual buildings, a cafeteria, a canteen with a common room, and two technical support buildings. The individual buildings fit into the natural terrain of the peninsula. The entire complex is divided into five complexes consisting of residential units moved in relation to each other. Thanks to this procedure and the fact that all windows face the lake, vacationers can enjoy beautiful views. The glory days of this modernist resort were in the 1970s and 1980s, but unfortunately in the 1990s the resort began to decline.

Modernistyczne budynki
Lemon Resort Spa

Minimalism, white, simple volumes and flat roofs are the hallmarks of the buildings

photo: Lemon Resort Spa

renewed history

In 2010, the resort was purchased by a private investor, who renovated and expanded the complex of intimate pavilions, turning them into Lemon Resort Spa - a luxury resort and residential facility. Architectural quintessence was extracted from the buildings and modernist assumptions were emphasized. The minimalism, whiteness, simplicity of the volume, flat roofs, and glazed walls of the preserved buildings were distinctive enough to set the style for the next buildings, which were constructed in 2013. A new facility with a reception area, restaurant and spa, and 25 suites was built. Although the resort has been expanded and modernized, the original urban layout has been preserved, with intimate common spaces and a network of roads and connectors. The cottages with large windows and flat roofs have been kept in a white and gray color scheme.

Budynki Lemon Resort
Spa na cyplu

The buildings fit in with the natural terrain of the peninsula

Photo: Lemon Resort Spa

relaxation surrounded by nature and design

Open spaces, bright colors, glass and large windows are just a backdrop for the nature that permeates the interior of the boutique hotel. Wooden planks and floors, colorful futuristic poufs and armchairs contrast with concrete walls. The lack of accessories in the common areas introduces tranquility and industrial character. All this builds the unique style of Lemon Resort Spa. This is where you can spend your vacation, come for spa and wellness treatments and for business purposes.

Modernistyczny budynek
Lemon Resort Spa

All windows of the buildings face Lake Rożnowskie

Photo: Lemon Resort Spa

As the owners say about the resort:

The idea behind the creators of the concept was to create a place where hotel guests can relax surrounded not only by captivating landscapes, but also by the best design. Hence the slogan - Lemon Resort Spa: relax in a place where nature meets design!

Basen w ośrodku
Lemon Resort Spa

The Wellnes area features, among other things, illuminated infinity pools

photo: Lemon Resort Spa

Each suite is an individual facility with an original interior. Guests can choose from four types of suites: premium, executive, superior and villa. Regardless of the choice of the type of accommodation, each guest, thanks to the south-oriented terrace, has a view of Lake Rożnowskie, Monkey Island and the Beskid mountains. Worth mentioning is the Wellnes area, which consists of two illuminated infinity pools, a Jacuzzi, a futuristic sauna area, a brine graduation tower and the Manaw Spa wellness center. And after such relaxation, your hunger will be satisfied by Lemon Restaurant with its award-winning menu.
So what do you think? Next vacation at Lake Roznowskie?

compiled by: Dobrawa Bies

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