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Holidays in the Kashubian region? Get to know Brzestova cottages

Dobrawa Bies
02 of December '22
Technical data
Name: Brzestova holiday cottages
Location: Poland, Borzestowska Huta
Studio: YONO architecture
Area: 46,9
Team: Sebastian Marach, Sandra Bogucka
Photography: Nate Cook Photography


  • design
  • implementation


Brzestova summer houses, is another realization of recreational facilities, behind which is YONO architecture studio. Located in the picturesque surroundings of the Lower Radunskie Lake in Kashubia, they feature a simple form with a gabled roof, and stand out against the sky with a dark wooden facade made of boards fired using the Shou Sugi Ban method.

The dark facade of the bungalow cuts against the sky Covered terrace allows you to relax regardless of weather conditions

The cottages were made using timber frame technology

Photo credit: Nate Cook Photography © YONO architecture

When we last spoke with architect Sebastian Marach about the Brzestov project [see here], the realization was to take a different shape—the cottages were to be founded on poles, for example. The concept transformed several times during the work—the needs of the investors changed, but so did the immediate surroundings of the plot. Now, after two years, we can see the result.

Brzestova Cottages Brzestova Cottages

The dark boards contrast with the light finish of the window and door recesses and terrace

Photo: Nate Cook Photography © YONO architecture

closer to nature

The guidelines have evolved, but the designers say the idea of the project has remained the same—to develop the plot in a way that brings people closer to nature. Cottages made with frame technology were built for rent, and despite the neighboring, close development, the premise maintains privacy, allowing you to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Covered terrace allows you to relax regardless of weather conditions

A covered terrace allows relaxation regardless of weather conditions

Photo: Nate Cook Photography © YONO architecture

Referring to the traditional architecture of Kashubia, the architects used a gabled roof with a symmetrical angle and a consistent color scheme for the facade and roofing. The dark facade boards obtained through the Japanese wood-burning method (Shou Sugi Ban) contrast with the light finish of the window and door recesses and terrace.

Interior of one of the houses

The interior of the living area of one of the cottages

Photo: Nate Cook Photography © YONO architecture

tradition and modernity

The contrast of the window recesses and the facade, as well as the form of the roofing of the entrances to the building, bring to mind elements of classic Kashubian houses. And it is on these elements that one can notice the play of light and shadow, which, depending on the season, give the buildings a new expression," adds Sebastian Marach.

Brzestova cottages, kitchen with dining room

The kitchen with dining room, from which you can go to the terrace

Photo: Nate Cook Photography © YONO architecture

An important element of the houses is the glazing of the terrace, allowingobservation of nature—the wall of the forest and the surface of the lake, visible from between the trees. The plot, outside the outline of the buildings, is a biologically active area—permeable surfaces are grasses and aggregate stabilized with geogrids, supplemented with equipment of a recreational nature.

Domki Brzestova, jedna z sypialni

One of the bedrooms, the interiors are dominated by wood

Photo: Nate Cook Photography © YONO architecture

simplicity and functionality of interiors

The interiors, reminiscent of idyllic but modern recreation, refer to the body of the cottages—they are characterized by simplicity and functionality. The architects built a color counter-sat, juxtaposing wood in two colors with white. The first floor of the cottages is an open living area, divided into a lounge area with a goat-type fireplace and a dining area, as well as a separate bathroom. You can go directly from the living area to the covered terrace. The first floor, on the other hand, is a night zone with two bedrooms.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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