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A new one is coming. The first female president in the Pomeranian SARP

23 of January '24

Changes in the position of president of the Association of Polish Architects „Wybrzeże”. The function was assumed by architect Natalia Balcerzak. This is the first woman in this position in the history of the Pomeranian SARP.

With the chairman's seat, after two terms, said goodbye to Pawel Wlad. Kowalski architect, urban planner, owner of the WM Pracownia Projektowania Miasta studio. On January 20, during the general meeting of members of SARP „Wybrzeże”, architect Natalia Balcerzak was elected to the post, as a result of a vote.

This is how the new president wants to revitalize SARP

In an interview with AiB, Natalia Balcerzak announces that her priority will be to integrate the architectural community. The president of the Pomeranian SARP also wants the association's voice to start resonating more strongly in discussions concerning important investments in the city.

- We want to join forces with NGOs, as well as be an expert voice at the local government level. I think we should play on one team," says Natalia Balcerzak.—We are planning discussions, not only among ourselves, but with the participation of investors, to raise their awareness of urban planning in the broadest sense.

Among the ideas for revitalizing SARP are exhibitions of the association's members' work—within the walls of SARP, or the historic St. George Brotherhood mansion.

—And this is regardless of whether they have a small or large design studio," explains Natalia Balcerzak.—Among our members there are architects, who are involved in, for example, painting, computer graphics—they too will have the opportunity to present their artistic achievements. Besides, I'm keen on activating seniors, the society is aging, we have many architects in their old age. For many, the association is the only form of social activity. Under the working name „my mentor” we want to create a project that will aim to integrate young architects with experienced SARP members. We will also establish cooperation with the association's counterparts abroad, including countries that aspire to join the European Union—such as Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. The idea is to exchange views, experiences.

projtant with nearly 20 years of experience

SARP's new president announces her fight to raise funds to continue the renovation of the Golden Gate. The valuable, but deteriorating, monument is in the hands of the association. The SARP's protection of the 17th-century building with a disfiguring fence recently caused great controversy in the city.

Natalia Balcerzak was vice president of the Association of Polish Architects „Wybrzeże” Branch from 2011 to 2017. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Gdansk University of Technology and founder of the NB Architekci design studio. She is the author and co-author of many conceptual, construction and executive projects. She specializes in the field of renovation of objects under conservation protection. In 2017, she defended her PhD in technical sciences at Gdansk University of Technology. She has been doing design work continuously since 2006.

The roots of the Pomeranian SARP date back to the turn of 1928/1929, at which time a branch was established in Gdynia. After the war, the association was reborn in Gdansk in 1947. Although there have been 30 recorded presidents since then, to date the function has never been held by a woman.

In recent weeks there have also been changes in the position of Pomeranian conservationist. Igor Strzok was dismissed, while Dariusz Chmielewski, who already held the position from 2012-2016, will return to the post.

Ewa Karendys

The vote has already been cast